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Introducing Our Productivity-Driven AI Messaging Assistant

Unipile is an AI assistant that excels at tackling a variety of tasks, including efficient calendar management and crafting professional emails.

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Enhance Your Message Management with AI Message Generator

Are you struggling with productivity and effective time management due to the overwhelming influx of messages from various platforms such as email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Slack, and more? Are you finding it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to efficiently manage and respond to all your incoming messages? Fret not, as the Unipile AI assistant powered by OpenAI integration is here to revolutionize your communication experience and boost your productivity levels.

How to Use AI for Enhanced Email Productivity: Streamline Your Inbox with Ease!

Boost Productivity by 15% with AI-Powered Voice Assistance

Studies show that individuals can gain an average of 10-15% in productivity when they utilize their voice to organize tasks. By leveraging AI-powered voice assistance, people can effectively manage their schedules, compose emails, and respond to messages with greater efficiency. This hands-free approach allows for seamless multitasking and eliminates the need to manually type or navigate through various applications. With the power of voice technology, individuals can optimize their workflow, save valuable time, and achieve more in their day-to-day endeavors.

Adding Contact to HubSpot with Unipile

Maximize Your Email Efficiency with AI Assistant: Optimize ChatGPT Text Message Management

Supercharge your productivity and reclaim precious time by effortlessly responding to all your messages with Unipile AI assistant. Powered by state-of-the-art algorithms, it intelligently analyzes your communication patterns and swiftly generates personalized replies. Wave goodbye to the days of agonizing over crafting the perfect response. Unipile assistant takes charge, leaving you free to focus on what matters most. Get ready to skyrocket your efficiency and conquer your inbox like a pro.

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The Power of OpenAI Integration: Rapid and Flawless Responses:

Experience the ease and speed of responding to messages with our AI assistant. Utilizing advanced algorithms, it intelligently analyzes your communication patterns and generates personalized responses effortlessly. Say goodbye to the frustration of staring at a blank screen, unsure of how to compose the ideal reply. Our assistant takes care of the hard work, leaving you with more time and peace of mind.

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Uses cases

Sales Professionals

The AI assistant can handle prospecting emails, schedule follow-ups, and help manage client communication, freeing up salespeople to focus on closing deals.

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RECRUITERS ai assistant


The assistant can automate responses to applicants, schedule interviews, and manage communications with candidates, making the recruitment process more efficient.


The assistant can automate responses to applicants, schedule interviews, and manage communications with candidates, making the recruitment process more efficient.

RECRUITERS ai assistant

Project Managers

By keeping track of various tasks and deadlines, and ensuring smooth communication across teams, the AI assistant can help project managers stay organized and efficient.


Whether it’s handling client emails, managing project deadlines, or sorting out contracts, our AI assistant can be an invaluable aid in a freelancer’s multifaceted workflow.

Marketing Executives

The AI assistant can handle routine email communications, manage social media messages, and help schedule marketing campaigns, enabling marketers to focus on strategic decision-making.

Integration with Your Favorite Tools

Our AI assistant seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools, making it even more versatile and powerful. Whether you’re in sales, recruiting, marketing, or any other industry, our assistant adapts to your needs and enhances your existing workflows.

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They choose to use Unipile everyday

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Pierre P. 
La Vie Claire Owner

"I grouped my 3 email accounts and my WhatsApp in 1 single inbox. I no longer miss important messages!"

Transfom a message in task

Rachid B.
Sinclair Pharma Director

"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

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Léon L. 
Lemon Learning Marketing

"I organize myself from my inbox! I have all my messages, tasks, and calendars in one app."


How can your AI assistant help manage my messages?

Our AI assistant serves as a single, streamlined gateway to all your messaging platforms. It automatically manages and responds to all your messages, thus saving you a significant amount of time and effort.

Can I switch between the AI assistant and traditional view?

Yes, you can easily switch between the AI feed and the classic view with just one click, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your needs.

How is the AI assistant efficient in handling responses?

The AI assistant uses advanced algorithms to analyze your communication patterns, which allows it to generate personalized and quick responses. This eliminates the need to stare at a blank screen when crafting replies.

Does the AI assistant adapt to my personal style and voice?

Yes, our AI assistant is designed to learn from your previous messages and adapt to your unique style and voice. This ensures that each response is tailored to you, enhancing the authenticity of your communication.

What other tasks can the AI assistant manage?

Beyond just managing messages, our AI assistant can handle your entire task list, from scheduling appointments to drafting emails and even handling contracts. It’s your ultimate productivity companion.

How does the AI assistant handle priority sorting?

The AI assistant learns from your inbox activities to intelligently identify and highlight high-priority messages, reducing the time you spend sorting through emails and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Can the AI assistant integrate with my favorite tools?

Yes, our AI assistant can seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools to enhance your existing workflows, making it an adaptable and versatile addition to your productivity arsenal.

How can I gain early access to the AI assistant?

Simply enter your email address in the provided field on our website to get early access. Be among the first to experience the power and efficiency of our AI personal assistant.

Will my messages still feel personalized if I use the AI assistant?

Absolutely. Our AI assistant tailors each response based on your unique personality and communication style, making it feel as if you wrote the message yourself. Plus, you can easily review and edit the assistant’s suggestions before sending.