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SMS or short messages are one of the vital services for a cell phone. In fact, it is one of the factors for buying phones, for young people and adults. According to Statista, since 2017, the annual number of SMS sent in France still exceeds 200 billion. Apart from daily discussions, messaging is used in the professional world, especially in the marketing world. Indeed, the response rate to a marketing message is over 45 % and about 70 % of consumers recontact the company after receiving an interesting offer via SMS.

Fortunately, all Android system phones have a stock SMS application and it is possible to install the best SMS applications of our choice for more functionality. A good SMS application should be complete, with a good interface, but easy to use.

What is the best SMS application for Android?

In our current uses, an SMS/MMS application is no longer limited to sending and receiving messages. It must be able to offer new functionalities that are part of our daily lives. What are then the Top 10 Android SMS applications?

N°1 : UNIPILE, the best Android SMS application

our favorite of course!

view android sms unipile


unipile application android sms

This application brings a whole new way to manage your SMS on Android by integrating them with your other messages.

+ Receive and send your SMS, but also your WhatsApp, Linkedin, Teams etc. from 1 single application

+ Organize the answers to be done, your to-do list, your meetings from your email inbox

Available only in English and French

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux

Pricing: Free for the Personal plan, 5€ for the Boost plan, 10€ for the Team plan

For many users, Unipile is undoubtedly the best Android message application. Compatible with different platforms: PC, Linux, Mac and iOS, Unipile is the app to have on your Android phone to manage everyday and work messages at the same time. With its simplified and very attractive interface, handling this Android messages application is easy. The received SMS messages can be grouped by context, by event or by group. In addition, these SMS messages can be directly synchronized to the phone’s calendar for events not to be missed, appointments or to-do lists. The synchronization is not limited to the phone’s SMS messages, but also to the call logs and voice messages that the application also manages. You will also be able to find all your Text message from your PC or your computer.

Statistics can be viewed in this best Android SMS application The search for words, phrases or a title of a discussion also becomes easier. With a single inbox, all discussions from other messengers will be centralized for a single contact: SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger… The user can then focus on this single application to discuss and exchange media with family, friends and colleagues.

The only drawback of Unipile is that the application is only available in English and French. You can download this Android message application for free on our website.

N°2 : Google Messages

the most used SMS application

view android google messages


+ Reference application proposed by Google

+ Supports RCS protocol (Rich SMS)

  Few advanced features

Platforms : Android only

Rates : Free

Google Messages is also one of the best and most widely used Android message applications, since the Android system itself is developed by Google. On the other hand, not all Android phones come with Google Messages as standard since manufacturers have their own application according to their customized operating system. This free SMS/MMS application is considered the second best application, as it is easy to install and easy to handle.

The advantage of Google Messages is the automatic synchronization with the different Google applications of the phone: calendar, photos… and especially the contacts. In fact, Android phones require a Google account to function properly and download applications. Google Messages allows you to create groups via your contacts and to send SMS, MMS and also audio voice messages to all your contacts. These can be imported from your old Android phones. Synchronized with the phone in question, SMS and MMS messages from unwanted people can be blocked.

The biggest flaw of this application is the lack of instant chat and interaction with other messaging platforms. Google Messages is compatible with Android phones from version 4.1 onwards and is free on the Google PlayStore.

N°3 : Pulse SMS

one of the best alternatives

Telecharger pulse sms

+ Modern application

  Still some bugs

Platforms: Android

Rates : Freemium

Pulse SMS remains one of the best alternatives to the factory application of an Android phone. This application is compatible with all digital platforms, namely Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows. SMS messages exchanged on the phone can then be synchronized and displayed on different devices to always stay in touch with your loved ones: computer, watch, screen…

Most of the users choose this SMS/MMS application for the aesthetics of its interface which is very flexible and modifiable according to the taste. The sending of SMS can be scheduled according to one’s perspective with different reminders and alarms. In addition, the user can activate the sending timer to think a little before sending an important message of a formal nature or during tense discussions. The application also allows you to create a blacklist for unwanted SMS.

As its name suggests, Pulse SMS is limited to SMS exchangesThis is its biggest disadvantage, compared to email and collaborative integrations (Teams, Slack…). You can easily download the SMS/MMS application on PlayStore or on their website.

N°4 : Chomp SMS

an enhanced sms application

Telecharger Chomp SMS

+ Many, many users

  Annoying advertisements

Platforms: Android

Rates : Freemium

Among the best Android SMS applications, we also find Chomp SMS. It is an SMS and MMS client to better manage messages with more options. Chomp SMS offers users the possibility of sending SMS and MMS in chat groups with the contacts present in the phone. The aim is to have better conversations. In addition, the application has thousands of additional emoji to better tell what you think and to liven up the discussions.

In addition, security and privacy are the strong points of Chomp SMS. SMS messages can be encrypted and encoded by the user depending on the degree of importance of conservation. The developers of the app have also made it possible to cancellation of an SMS in progress.

The negative point of using this free SMS/MMS application is the recurrence of ads and the incompatibility with some versions of Android phones listed. The sending of the location in case of emergency and accident is not also provided on the application.

N°5 : Textra SMS

a smart email app

Telecharger Textra SMS

+ Many users

  Some early bugs

Platforms: Android

Rates : Freemium

Textra SMS is an Android message application that can perfectly replace the phone application. Textra SMS interface is customizable with over 150 themes available and dark/light modes. Reading SMS as well as replying is made easier by the notifications and chat bubbles that are also editable. In fact, there are 6 types of bubbles available and you can choose the manifestation of the notifications according to the contact and the group: LED on the phone, shape of the icons…

To facilitate message exchanges, the size of photos and videos are compressed and optimized. For SMS, the font size can be modified with the possibility of creating personal electronic signatures. On the other hand, users complain about frequent bugs on the non-distinction of group messages and individual messages intended for several people. In addition, the application’s updates are not significant.

N°6 : Go SMS Pro

a known SMS application

Telecharger Go SMS Pro

+ Number of important downloads

  Not for professional use

Platforms: Android

Rates : Freemium

Among the best Android SMS applications that have both chat functionality is Go SMS Pro. This application facilitates conversations between friends and family with instant responses with numerous emojis and stickers. In addition, sending and receiving SMS is very pleasant with Go SMS Pro with its customizable visuals and constantly growing themes.

With Go SMS Pro, you can easily encrypt messages and protect your privacy with the private inbox option. In addition, unlike other applications, this SMS/MMS application is compatible with both SIMs simultaneously of all current Android phones (Android 1.6 and above). Go SMS Pro features MS blocker which is an intelligent spam and blacklist message blocker for the phone.

Nevertheless, all the features require a paid subscription: no sponsored messages, unlimited cloud, private box… The free version is available on Google PlayStore.

N°7 : Facebook Messenger

The MetaSMS

Telecharger Facebook Messenger


logo Facebook Messenger

+ Developed by Meta (Facebook)

  Little used for SMS

Platforms: Android, IOS, Web

Rates : Free

Facebook’s Messenger is mostly known for instant chats, audio and video chats. The new feature of Messenger is the possibility to send and receive SMS to our contacts, whether they are Facebook members or not. Users can then enjoy the benefits of Facebook, but with SMS/MMS messaging. The SMS discussions in purple bubbles and the Facebook discussions in blue bubbles are distinct.

To do this, you need to update Facebook Messenger and set the application as the default one for SMS exchanges. This two-in-one application is then more convenient for Facebook fans.

On the other hand, Facebook applications are known to be very power-hungry and require significant amounts of resources to run. These factors can affect the speed and battery life of the phone. In addition, confusion regarding SMS and Facebook messages can occur, with standard costs for SMS.


An Open Source SMS application

Telecharger QKSMS

+ Open source

  Obligation to pay for certain basic features

Platforms : Android

Rates : Freemium

Being Open SourceQKSMS is a free Android SMS/MMS application that is very scalable and original, far from annoying ads. The customization of the site is then very advanced with more possibilities according to your taste. The developers have designed QKSMS to support Android Wear, to synchronize SMS from Android phones with connected watches.

QKSMS is then very convenient for all types of Android phones and new technologies with its notifications and dual SIM SMS support. Pop-up windows also allow you to respond directly and quickly to received SMS messages. In addition, the QKSMS client is also very powerful with support for MMS and group messages, with enhanced security.

The free version available on PlayStore is still very limited with many bugs: failure to transmit some messages, sounds and vibrating notifications omitted …

N°9 : Handcent Next SMS

a stable SMS application

Telecharger Handcent Next SMS


Logo Handcent Next SMS

+ Launched in 2010

+ 4.3/5 Google Play Rating

  Obligation to pay for certain functions

Platforms : Android

Rates : Freemium

Created in 2010, Handcent’s Next SMS app is one of the first Android apps to replace a phone’s default SMS management app. It keeps the standard features of sending and receiving SMS, with more capabilities over time. Users appreciate Next SMS for the ability to save SMS messages from your phone, and then restore them to a new device. Scheduling texts to be sent at a specific date and time is also possible to make your life easier.

Even being the oldest Android message app, Handcent Next SMS is still customizable. It has many themes to choose from, not to mention bubble styles, fonts and emojis and vibration patterns. On the other hand, this application has several shortcomings, namely poor synchronization with the phone’s contacts and impossible support for SMS from the second SIM.

N°10 : Mood SMS

an alternative SMS application

Telecharger Mood SMS

+ Regular updates

3.4/5 Google Play rating on 179 450 total notice

 Obligation to pay to transfer messages from one phone to another

Platforms : Android

Rates : Freemium

Unlike Handcent’s application, Mood Messenger is a more recent SMS/MMS application, but with almost the same possibilities. The interface is fully customizable with bubble colors and shapes, chat backgrounds, notifications, etc.

Besides, this application is considered one of the best Android SMS applications of the moment since it allows you to write an SMS faster. In fact, Mood Messenger has the following functionality “Speech to Text which translates words directly into words. Intelligent suggestion of next words and emojis is the other advantage of using this application. In addition, the “Snooze” function allows you to postpone the reading to a later time.

On the downside, there are many bugs especially during notifications and delays when sending longer SMS. It is also impossible to recover old messages from another device.

Which free Android SMS application?

We have found that most of the best SMS applications for Android systems are free. These free apps make it easier to exchange SMS and MMS messages with great looking interfaces. However, the majority of these apps require paid subscriptions to unlock all the interesting options. Users choose SMS applications for these interesting advanced options, compared to the default application of the phone.

Fortunately, Unipile, the best Android SMS application has a very complete free version. Indeed, the biggest advantage of this application is the centralization of all the messages from different contacts coming from different platforms in a single inbox. This makes it much easier to send, receive, manage and delete messages. Discussions from the same contact with different messaging platforms are condensed into one discussion, including SMS. In fact, the free version of Unipile called Personal version gives the possibility to collaborate with up to 3 people at the same time:

  • A mobile account: SMS and call
  • An instant messaging account: WhatsApp, Linkedin or Slack
  • Two email accounts of the user’s choice
  • A shared email account

Which application for SMS MMS?

The comparisons of the various advantages and disadvantages of the 10 best Android SMS apps in 2022 concern free and paid apps. We can state that Unipile is what is more suitable for professionals and individuals, simple mode or with subscription. The free version already allows you to send SMS and MMS to relatives and colleagues, with statistics and synchronization with the phone’s operating system calendar. This is already much more than the original application has. In addition, the SMS are grouped and organized according to theme, groups of people or periodicity.

To test the best Android SMS application, try Unipile now to send SMS in a more modern way, by downloading the free version on the site. For unlimited accounts, you need to subscribe to paid subscriptions: Boost, Team or Enterprise depending on your needs and budget.

What are the messaging applications?

Among the best Android SMS applications in this article, there are several applications that are not limited to SMS is about global messaging. For example, there is the Facebook Messenger or Mood Messenger, with the possibility of instant messaging. In addition, there are famous messaging applications, widely used and very practical as: WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Telegram.

The latter do not support SMS from the user’s phone. However, using the Unipile Android message app, one can manage both SMS and instant messaging with a single account. In addition, Unipile supports emails (Outlook, Gmail…), collaborations (Teams, Slack…) and even calendars from these platforms. If you want to know more about best email clientsWe have made a comparison dedicated to this analysis.


Even if instant messaging applications are more and more used (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.), SMS are still very present in our daily life. Receiving and sending SMS still have a very important role. This channel is mainly used to inform, alert or promote. That’s why there are many applications to simplify and improve SMS exchanges. This is the case of Unipile, the best Android SMS application to replace the original application of an Android smartphone. It allows you to manage SMS with greater security and offers many other features. For example, it offers the possibility of working with a single interface for all discussions from other messengers. Unipile is the recommended application to make your life easier.