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Several email clients exist in the Linux email client market, but how to find the one that meets our needs? What are the best Linux email clients? Let’s discover in this article, the most famous email clients, running on Linux and the different features that make them unique.

1# Unipile

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The strong points of the Unipile app

– Unipile is a messaging software that uses a different approach in organizing your emails, Whatsapp, Calls/SMS, Linkedin, and your tasks by centralizing them in an inbox. Unipile allows you to instantly view all your messages, group them in a single interface to process them more easily. The software has features to integrate your Google and Microsoft calendars and to have all your information in one place.

– In terms of customization, you can change some variables and create message templates that will help you save time when writing. Unipile offers its users an ergonomic, easy-to-use and interactive interface. Indeed, you will be able to access all exchanges related to messages, contacts and comments from your team. Thanks to Unipile, collaboration is strengthened within a team because you can directly comment on a received message, search and build a solution with your colleagues. It is also possible to delegate the message to the right person. 

– Unipile is able to establish a statistical study of your workload, your message volumes and evaluate their consequence and impact on your daily life. You can identify the sources of your team’s message flow, the load periods, the response times and the possible points of difficulty. You can then help your team to focus on their missions.

– Unipile is the best messaging software. Indeed, thanks to the “Echo” feature, you can free your mind. If you have not received any reply to your message, you can choose to be notified. Therefore, activate the Echo feature after you type your message. Set the date when you will be notified if the recipient does not reply. All you have to do is call him or her back and the person will reply. 

– With Unipile, you can be sure that your data will remain confidential, not shared or used. Designed for confidentiality, only users have access to the data they insert into the applications; at Unipile, security is the very foundation of the team’s operation. It places security at the heart of the design of their applications.

2# Thunderbird

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The strengths of Thunderbird software

– This software was developed by Mozilla. It is used by almost all operating systems. It is also available in all Linux distributions. Apart from the easy installation wizard it has by simply using the correct settings like your e-mail address and password, Thunderbird offers as extras, numerous features and a powerful extension system that is second to none. These capabilities give Thunderbird a high degree of customization. For each email account, you can choose the settings that suit you and configure it to your preferences. You can also customize the interface, change the message preview pane or even send emails with images and hyperlinks. 

– Thunderbird efficiently manages your email with your calendar and task lists. You have access to an archive of messages sorted differently than the standard inbox, then stored in a compressed directory. Thunderbird can design basic frequency graphs to help identify email headers. 

– It’s very easy to sign in to Gmail with Thunderbird by simply entering your username and password. The loading of the mailbox can be slowed down if your account is too full of mails.

3# Evolution

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The strengths of the Evolution software

– All Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora and Manjaro Linux using the free and user-friendly GNOME desktop environment, adopt the Evolution mail client by default. If you don’t have it installed on your system yet, you can easily find it in your respective package manager. Evolution is an open source email client. Its source code is publicly available and can be modified and distributed by anyone. 

– Evolution’s interface is easy to use and includes features to manage calendars, contacts, to-do lists and notes without the need for extensions.  

– If you are concerned about the security of your correspondence, Evolution is the best choice of email client for you because it supports GnuPG software that allows you to transmit signed and encrypted emails. GnuPG guarantees their authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.

– On the other hand, Evolution does a great job of providing desktop notifications for users by sending out alerts when a new email is received, for example. Evolution is the ideal choice if your goal is to find a powerful desktop email client. 

– One of the advantages of using Evolution is to be able to connect it with LibreOffice. You will then be able to send your data to your documents and spreadsheets contained in LibreOffice.

– Installing Gmail on Evolution is very simple thanks to the presence of an installation wizard that gives you instructions to follow step by step. Afterwards, you will have access to several features that allow you to receive and send e-mails, create signatures, choose the format of your e-mails in HTML or text. You can personalize your e-mails by inserting tables, images, graphics, hyperlinks and other features.

4# KMail

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The strengths of the KMail software

– The Kmail mail client is most commonly found in a popular free desktop environment KDE found in Linux distributions. It is easily integrated into the desktop and other KDE applications. What should you do if you want to use Kmail while using another desktop environment? First, you will need to install your distribution package. Secondly, you will need to accept the installation of the necessary features to activate the package in your system.

– If you use multiple accounts in KMail, you will need the KDE PIM or Personal Information Manager software for efficient and orderly management of accounts, Kontact application items and the KDE IM application. 

– Connecting to Gmail is also easy through KMail. All you have to do is enter your email address and password. The KMail email client will do the rest of the work. If you are looking for a specific mail, Kmail has the best search function, quite complex but very efficient to find it.

– There are many similarities between the basic layout of KMail and Microsoft Outlook. Like Thunderbird and Evolution, the KMail email client offers its users the advantage of being able to customize it to fit their needs. Thanks to “Identities”, a feature of Kmail, you have the possibility to choose under which name, e-mail address or other information you would like to send an e-mail? This feature is exclusively useful for sending emails for personal and business purposes. Identities are the best solution for managing multiple email accounts. Other useful and interesting settings are still to be discovered in “Settings -gt; configure KMail”.

5# Blue Mail

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The strengths of the Blue Mail software

– Blue Mail is a free universal email client that can run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and even Linux. It has a clear and easy-to-use interface. It has a powerful feature to manage and access your different email accounts. Blue Mail combines all your messages from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365, AOL and others into one great inbox. Even if you still receive mail from internet providers like Orange, SFR or Free, as well as all other mailboxes supporting the IMAP protocol, Blue Mail is no exception. Even unified, you will still be able to view your messages by account, by clicking on the logo of the corresponding service.

– The application will mark messages in order of priority and set reminders so that the user cannot forget to deal with them. Blue Mail allows you to add a touch of personalization to your emails by adding profile pictures of your friends, family, avatars of your contacts and synchronizing them with their email addresses. This way you can easily distinguish the sender of the mail and evaluate the importance of the message. 

– If you are concerned about the security of data and messages exchanged, Blue Mail is the email client of choice, as it ensures increased security of your correspondence. All information passing through Blue Mail is encrypted.

– Blue Mail also has a calendar function. In the list of emails, there is a dual swipe feature. It gives you the possibility to perform two actions simultaneously by swiping the mail on one side and performing an action at the same time. Depending on the swipe speed, which can be fast or slow, you can configure other actions. In Blue Mail, you can delete or send messages to spam, mark messages as “read” or “read later”.

– When it comes to customization, you can change the push notifications so that you are only disturbed in case of emergency, for example, or only at certain times of the day. Just like in text editors, you can arrange the formatting and layout of your messages as you wish using different styles, font sizes, font types and colors. You can also add links and images. 

Is Blue Mail free?

Blue Mail offers a free version for individuals. You will have access to the unified inbox for any type of email address, without ads and push notifications. This free version protects and encrypts your messages. A calendar is also available. Blue Mail offers its users a special interface alternating with a dark mode and cross-platform.

A paid version is offered to companies and teams. It includes two subscription offers per month and per user. In addition to the free features, there are other more powerful features needed to manage a team of users, to integrate other applications, and to use other customization techniques.

They choose to use Unipile everyday

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"I grouped my 3 email accounts and my WhatsApp in 1 single inbox. I no longer miss important messages!"

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"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

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"I organize myself from my inbox! I have all my messages, tasks, and calendars in one app."