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There are many applications to manage your emails on your Android phone. Find out what the advantages of each application are without having to test them all. Here are our top 5 Android email clients.

# 1 Unipile : best Android email application to manage your emails and organize your daily life

Group all your messaging system in one application

Nowadays, everyday life tends to involve a large number of communication channels. Unipile is an Android mail application that brings together the most sought-after features for Android smartphone users in this ultra-connected world:

– A single interface for all mailboxes, instant messaging, SMS/MMS, social media notifications.

– Data stored only on the device but Unipile apps are synced with encryption system.

– Notification of no reply: Activate this function for a message whose reply is important to you.

– A single exchange history: As if you were using a single communication channel for all your communications.

– Communication indicators: Unipile offers statistics about your correspondents, your activity hours and even your discussion topics.

– Best collaborative Android mail application: Create groups with contacts from all your communication channels and plan collaborative events.

#2 Gmail for Android : the mail application signed by Google

gmail for android

The best native Android mail application, Gmail for Android gets its popularity from its creator, none other than Google itself. Moreover, this communication tool is usually pre-installed on all Android smartphones. If not, Gmail is still very easy to download from the Playstore. Moreover, its success is also due to its careful design, which combines ergonomics, comprehensive email features and intuitive use. In particular, Gmail has become a famous Android mail application, because its interface allows you to manage several mail accounts at the same time. Thus, besides being able to receive emails from your Google accounts, it is also the best Android mail application for centralizing your other email addresses. This ensures that the user can manage and organize all the emails addressed to him, regardless of the provider involved. Indeed, Gmail for Android allows you to create folders to classify emails.

On the other hand, Gmail for Android users also get various additional features, which provide a better experience on smartphones. In particular, this second best Android mail app integrates an instant chat feature and also allows you to chat in groups. For chat management, you can also bookmark your important emails for easy tracking. Besides, it is very easy to customize inbox notifications to know the sender and the importance of a new message.

Although Gmail for Android offers many advantages, such as free 15GB cloud storage and intuitive keyboard and touchscreen typing support, its main weakness is that it is only dedicated to emails. Moreover, sponsored emails can become tiresome on the mobile version of Gmail.

3# Microsoft Outlook for Android

Microsoft Outlook for Android

As an integral part of Microsoft products, Outlook is now available on Android. In fact, it is so successful that Microsoft Outlook for Android currently has over 100 million users. This is mainly due to its neat interface and useful features. In particular, it is the best Android mail application for associating a Microsoft account with other mailboxes. This means, among other things, that Microsoft Outlook for Android users can centralize all their emails in a single inbox.

On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook for Android also offers all the essential features for organizing emails in various folders and bookmarking the exchanges you care about. Main competitor of Gmail, this Android email application however offers an option to rank folders and messages according to their importance. Thus, your priority emails remain displayed at the top of your inbox. Similar to Google’s Android mail app, this Microsoft-signed Android email tool also comes with 15GB of Cloud storage.

However, both Gmail for Android and Outlook have the same weakness. Indeed, Microsoft Outlook for Android is also dedicated to emails only. Moreover, the success of this third best Android mail application is also hampered by its untimely updates and bugs.

#4 Android ProtonMail : best secure Android email application

Android ProtonMail

Many mobile users have doubts about the use of their personal data by Gmail for Android and Microsoft Outlook for Android. That’s why Android ProtonMail has seen its success grow rapidly. Indeed, the latter is the best secure Android mail application. Its system is based on the transit of all messages through an encryption platform similar to that of Whatsapp. Thus, only the senders and recipients of the messages can read them. And in order to provide the most privacy-conscious users with even greater security, Android ProtonMail also includes a self-destruct function for messages. You just need to set a time limit so that emails sent from this best Android mail application are reduced to nothing once they have been received by their recipients. This also means that Android ProtonMail allows you to be notified by a receipt.

#5 K-9 Mail : best open source Android mail application

K-9 Mail
The main strength of K-9 Mail is that it is an open source application. This means that just like Android, it is supported by developers from all over the world. That’s why it includes all the features expected from the best Android mail application. Moreover, its lightness and simplicity of use make it an excellent alternative for receiving and answering emails. As such, K-9 Mail offers the essential options, such as multi-folder archiving, centralization of mail accounts via Push IMAP, bookmarking, signature integration, auto-reply… Moreover, this mail client can also be considered the best android mail application without sponsored advertising. Nevertheless, K-9 Mail is not for those who are looking for an aesthetic interface and too advanced functions.

Best mail client on Android 

Being able to receive and reply to emails, Instagram messages, Messenger PMs, Facebook comments and other mobile notifications on your Android phone has many socio-professional benefits. However, faced with the limited functionality of the native Gmail app, many smartphone users are looking for more suitable solutions. If you are in the same situation, you may be confused by the multitude of Android mail applications available on the Google Playstore. If you are looking for the best Android mail application, our comparison will save you precious time. In fact, we have compiled this ranking so that you can discover the Android mail application that best suits your needs.


Which application for Android mail?

Email remains a reference means of communication. Moreover, offering an email address allows companies to benefit from a better image and to create more easily a link of trust with their customers and partners. Using the best Android email application is however essential to be fully reachable from the cell phone, maintain your interpersonal relationships and exploit the power of email marketing. In particular, the objective is to avoid being overwhelmed by all the emails, messages and other notifications from social networks. Thus, organization, ergonomics, ease of use and versatility are currently the key words to choose the best Android email application. Without further ado, here is our podium of the best Android email applications. This ranking is based on the ease of download and installation, the types of messages supported, the advantages over Gmail and the users’ opinions.


Which mail application for Android mobile?

For those who mainly use their Android phones to manage their emails, the above ranking of the best Mail software on Android offers solutions for various needs. So you can choose according to your priority. Thus, if security is your main concern, ProtonMail proves to be the best android mail application. On the other hand, if cloud storage is much more important to you, go for Gmail for Android or Microsoft Outlook for Android. However, if your daily life involves a much more efficient management of your emails, then Unipile will be your best ally. Going beyond the concept of a simple inbox for emails, Unipile is indeed a centralizer for all types of messages. In the age of the connected everything, it is the best android mail application, to avoid getting lost between your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo emails, Whatsapp exchanges, instant chats and social media messages. Its synchronization function and its integrated task scheduler are among the innovations it brings to messaging. Indeed, choosing an android mail application nowadays requires going beyond the simple fact of choosing a communication tool, because of the impact of messages on our daily schedule.

 There are many email applications available on Android. However, to meet the new communication habits of today, Unipile proves to be the best android email application for those who want to be more organized and avoid being caught off guard. Moreover, this new generation email client is also available in synchronization with your other devices. However, for mobile users who have other priorities, Gmail for Android, Microsoft Outlook for Android, ProtonMail and K-9 Mail also offer their own user experiences.

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"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

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