Unipile changelog

What’s new for Unipile?

Find out our latest news: New features, patches, and evolutions…
…And those to come!

Next release

– Enrichment of native Linkedin features (Emoji, reactions, file sending, etc.)
– Email new features (optimization of synchronization flows…)
– Slack and Twitter are being integrated

And after…

– Add Outlook calendar and Teams
– Mobile: New app with real-time synchronization for WhatsApp + Linkedin messages and more

Next release

Version 2.1.0 – 03/16/2023

The major updates and patches of this version:

– Complete overhaul of our integration messaging system. All providers and messaging accounts will be better synced and reliabled
– Improved performance (speed and indexing) of Desktop application
– New UI design to allow the use of the new features mentioned above

– Integration and enrichment of native WhatsApp features (Emoji, reactions, file sending, etc.)
– Integration of AI Openai GPT-3

– We have updated all the syncing process for all email providers. Unipile and your email provider are fully synchronized. We have added all main features

– Integration of AI Openai GPT-3 to help you to reply to all your emails

Unipile - Group all your messages in one inbox

Version 1.4.1 – 10/18/2022

The major updates and patches of this version:

– You can add your Instagram account to view your messages (DMs) directly in Unipile.

– Save time by using pre-saved email and messaging templates

– We added many fixes to improve the stability of the application on all platforms

add instagram connector

Version 1.4.0 – 05/25/2022

The major updates and patches of this version:

– You can add Tags on accounts, messages, and events to group items by categories. You can also filter your inbox to display messages by account, message type, tags, etc.

– You can sync your Facebook Messenger account in Unipile to send and receive messages directly from the application

– Add your Microsoft email account to your Unipile application on iOS. The synchronization is now functional.

– You can select which Google calendars to sync when adding your account or do it from the application settings

– Set up a Proxy for each Linkedin account added on Unipile

– Change your Unipile login password using your secret encryption key

– We fixed connection issues

– We added many fixes to improve the stability of the application on all platforms

facebook messenger connector

Version 1.3.1 – 04/20/2022

The major updates and patches of this version:

– The iOS and Android user interfaces have been improved

– Incoming items: messages, events, notifications… can be marked as “Done” (Archived) on the fly without having to open them 

We made fixes for reconnection issues

– IMAP folders or labels of imported emails are transformed into Tags. You can filter emails with Tag from the Search.

– Update Unipile events fetched from Google calendars (synchronized update on Google planned in a future development)
– Improve event hours input

– We made many fixes such as adding missing translations, improving some interface design, handling some unexpected behaviors, etc.

inbox and tag
new unipile ios design

Version 1.2.0 – 03/18/2022

The major updates of this version:

– Unipile is available on iOS!

We have completely redesigned the Linkedin and WhatsApp message retrieval system (PC/MAC/LINUX)

– Unipile Calendar: Days/Weeks/Months/List views are implemented. Our users can create events (unique, recurrent) in Unipile. Invitation sending will be added soon.
– Google Calendar: You can connect your accounts and synchronize them in Unipile. The addition of Google calendar accounts is currently only done on the PC/MAC/LINUX versions. Synchronization is only done in a top-down direction, i.e. from Google to Unipile. All your events created from Google will appear in the application. We will soon develop the Unipile > Google Calendar synchronization.

– Emails editor : We have integrated a new text editor to allow you to create your signatures or to import them (copy and paste) from your existing email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail…)
– Email synchronization: You can retrieve your email history in Unipile. Today, the action is manual from Settings/Email Account and will soon be done automatically

– Updates will now be done automatically, you will no longer have to uninstall applications

Apple logo
Unipile integrations

Version 1.1.2 – 11/15/2021

New features and fixes:

– Microsoft account: Add email accounts from Office 365, Outlook and Exchange
– Improving the automatic detection of IMAP email providers + fixing the error on some providers (Gandi)
– The label for a draft email in the calendar is now displayed as “Draft email + contact email”
– The label for a sent email is now displayed “Email to recipient”
– Recipient emails are autoloaded in To, Cc, Bcc fields

– WhatsApp + Linkedin:
> Stability improvement (adding accounts, fetching new messages etc.)
> Fetch WhatsApp contacts (in progress for Linkedin)
> Download message attachments
> Create a new message (for all WhatsApp contacts, only around 30 on Linkedin)
> Load thread history
– Add messaging accounts icons in the inbox to facilitate the identification of messages (WhatsApp, Linkedin)

– Redesign all the tutorials to explain the application
 Redesign the add accounts page and the synchronization messages to help you understand the application
– Fixe errors following specific actions in the application (unexpected error etc.)
– Add missing untranslated labels on the interface (action_done, save etc.)
– Remove buttons from the interface that are not yet active
– Automatic refresh syncing of email, mobile and other accounts between devices
– And various optimizations…

version 11-15-21

Version 1.0 – Bêta – 09/07/2021

This is the 1st ‘post concept’ version available to all our beta testers

 Platforms :
– Desktop : Windows / Mac / Linux
– Mobiles : Android

 Providers Emails : Receive and send emails for Gmail and all IMAP email providers (except Microsoft for the moment)

 SMS and call notifications : SMS reception and call notifications for Android users. Reply to SMS received from the mobile application

 WhatsApp messaging : Receiving and replying to messages

 Linkedin messaging : Receiving and replying to messages

version 07-09-2021

Concept – 2020/2021

We spent 12 months developing the core system of our application, from the idea to the technical concept.

 Centralize all sources of messages and notifications are in a single inbox: connect your accounts, group your information in the same place, don’t miss what is important.

 Inbox Zero: For each message received you will be able to :
Answer Send your answer by email, SMS, WhatsApp or Linkedin to your contact
Snooze : The message will leave your inbox and return at the selected time
Plan : Drag and drop your messages in your calendar to handle it at the right time
Done : The message is now handled, you can click on Done, it will be archived (still accessible from the Search area)
By this way, you will ” clear ” your inbox and keep only what you haven’t manage yet.

 Calendar & Work mode You will find all the events, tasks, message replies etc. planned. Mark the planned event ” Done ” once it has been completed. If you didn’t have time to complete the action, the event will reappear in your inbox to be processed/scheduled again. We help you not to forget anything! Switch to work mode to do the tasks you have planned for the day.

 Global search: Find all the messages from your different messaging accounts in one place. Increase readability and facilitate your search!

unipile concept version


Am I limited in messaging accounts?

Users of the Personal version (free one) can add 2 email accounts, 1 Mobile (SMS + Calls), 2 instant messaging accounts (Linkedin, Slack or WhatsApp)., 1 calendar. To add unlimited accounts, our users can switch to a paid offer (Boost, Team, Enterprise) or invite new users to join Unipile and get up free months – all of you: Referral

Are my inbox and calendar synchronized across all my devices?

When you install Unipile on your devices, you can create an account. This account allows your devices to sync with each other.

How does scheduled information appear in other calendars?

When you plan an item in your calendar, we create an event that will be synchronized in your other connected calendars. You will be able to find the main information but without all the options available only on your Unipile application.

Are my messaging accounts synced with Unipile?

Unipile will be synced with all your messaging providers. All actions done on Unipile (archive, delete, reply etc.) will be synced on your messaging providers.