LinkedIn Messaging API: The Key to Next-Level Sales and Recruiting


Empower recruiting team to effortlessly manage all messages through the API while establishing limitless LinkedIn connections. Elevate your recruitment game with seamless communication and unprecedented access.

LinkedIn Inbox API:
The Ultimate Tool for Recruiters and Sales Teams

linkedin api

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Respond more quickly, sell, and recruit faster with one or multiple LinkedIn accounts.

To recruit and sell faster, your users need to respond promptly to messages. That’s where real-time synchronization of received and sent messages comes into play. With this capability, they are always in the know and can reply promptly to leads, candidates, and clients. You can connect an unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts per user.

Time-Saving CRM Data Synchronization

Efficient Lead and Candidate Tracking: By synchronizing their CRM with their daily LinkedIn activity, they gain real-time insights into their leads and candidates, allowing them to swiftly identify and prioritize prospects who engage with their messages. This means no more missed opportunities or losing track of potential deals.

Customized Tagging and Segmentation: With CRM data synchronization, they can easily tag candidates based on job searches or prospects based on their negotiation stage. This robust segmentation capability ensures they can tailor their interactions and messaging to precisely meet their audience’s needs.

Data-Driven Decision Making: With the status of Read and Unread messages readily available, they can make informed decisions on when and how to follow up. This level of detail empowers them to tailor their approach, resulting in more meaningful conversations and quicker conversions.



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Linkedin multi accounts

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Full inbox synchronization

LinkedIn Messaging API opens the door to a shared team inbox, revolutionizing collaboration for sales and recruiting professionals. Experience a seamless flow of communication and efficient teamwork as every team member gains easy access to all LinkedIn messages.

  1. Unified Inbox: Implement a shared messaging inbox across their team on LinkedIn, ensuring that everyone can work together seamlessly and provide consistent support.

2. Integrated Data: Leverage the power of LinkedIn Messaging API to quickly access essential customer and candidate data, enhancing their ability to deliver personalized interactions.

3. Streamlined Engagement: With LinkedIn Messaging API, accelerate post-interaction processes, such as updates on job statuses or handling support inquiries, ensuring rapid and effective communication with the audience.

LinkedIn API Documentation:
Integrate with Our SDK

Discover the seamless integration capabilities of our LinkedIn Messaging API through our Software Development Kit (SDK). Our SDK offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, ensuring a smooth integration process that saves you valuable time and effort. Maximize the capabilities of our API today to elevate your communication and scheduling functions to a whole new level.



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Free LinkedIn API

Begin your exploration with our free introductory offer for the LinkedIn API. It’s a no-risk opportunity to discover the robust features and advantages that our platform can provide to your business. After you’ve had a taste of the value it offers, you can easily make the switch to our Enterprise plan for access to more advanced capabilities

Messaging APIs: Beyond LinkedIn for Enhanced Business Communication

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WhatsApp API: Elevate customer interactions with streamlined chat, multimedia, and document management for faster responses.

Slack API: Foster team collaboration with real-time messaging, easy file sharing, and seamless integrations.

Facebook Messenger API: Supercharge customer engagement with personalized chatbots, automated responses, and rich messaging.

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Exploring Emailing and Calendar APIs

In addition to Messaging APIs, we offer powerful Emailing and Calendar APIs.

Emailing API

Achieve seamless compatibility with prominent email platforms such as Gmail and Outlook 365 through this API. Leverage its power to automate email interactions, send customized messages, and efficiently manage inbox. Features like email scheduling, tracking, and contact management enable to streamline email workflows and enhance engagement strategies.

Calendar API

Our Calendar API simplifies scheduling and calendar management. Easily integrate it into applications to create, edit, and manage events, set up reminders, and synchronize calendar information across various platforms like Google Calendar and Outlook 365. Whether objective is to schedule meetings, coordinate events, or automate calendar-related tasks, our API provides a comprehensive solution.

All our APIs are designed for conventional usage, and we have implemented limitations to prevent spam, bot activity, or mass messaging.
We prioritize a secure and respectful user experience.

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What is the LinkedIn Messaging API?

The LinkedIn Messaging API is a tool that allows developers to integrate LinkedIn messaging features into their applications or services, enabling seamless communication with LinkedIn members.

How do I go about integrating the LinkedIn Messaging API?

To integrate the LinkedIn Messaging API, you’ll need to use the provided Software Development Kit (SDK). It offers tools and resources for a smooth and efficient integration process.

Can I integrate LinkedIn Classic, Premium and LinkedIn Recruiter with the LinkedIn Messaging API?

Yes, you can integrate LinkedIn Classic, Premium and LinkedIn Recruiter with the LinkedIn Messaging API. Please contact us for more details and assistance with this integration.

Can I send media files through LinkedIn API?

Yes, you can send text, images, audio, and video messages, as well as documents via the API.

What is the significance of real-time message synchronization in the LinkedIn Messaging API?

Real-time synchronization ensures that you are always aware of incoming and outgoing messages, allowing you to respond promptly to leads, candidates, and clients.

How does CRM data synchronization enhance the recruitment process?

CRM data synchronization provides real-time insights into leads and candidates, helping you identify and prioritize prospects who engage with your messages, resulting in fewer missed opportunities.

What does "LinkedIn multi-accounts" mean in the context of the API?

LinkedIn multi-accounts refer to the capability to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts efficiently through the API.

How can you prevent overuse of messages on LinkedIn while maintaining engagement with your professional network?

It’s important to note that adherence to the terms of use of the providers is essential. Violations can result in the suspension or banning of your account. We recommend implementing usage limitations on your end to prevent the sending of an excessive number of messages by your users.

Is there a free trial available for the LinkedIn API?

Yes, there is a free introductory offer for the LinkedIn API, allowing you to explore its features before upgrading to the Enterprise plan for more advanced capabilities. No credit card is required for the free trial.

How can I contact the team for an integration ?

Tell us about your project here.We look forward to discussing how Unipile can support your communication needs!