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Group all your messages in one place

Don't miss anymore important messages, add your messaging apps, centralize your accounts in one single inbox. Unipile gathers all the messaging services you use every day: Emails, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Teams, SMS, and Mobile Calls... You can add your accounts in a few clicks from our application available on desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile (Android and iOS).

group all your inboxes together

Plan your day from your inbox

Unipile helps you organize your day, your to-do's, your meetings, your trips directly from your inbox. You can connect your Google, Microsoft, iCal calendars or use Unipile's one. You have the possibility toorganize your day at work without leaving your inbox. Drag and drop messages into your calendar to process them at the right time. If you didn't have time to deal with them, they will come back to your inbox. Unipile helps you not to forget anything and to limit your cognitive load.

Inbox and calendar

Features designed for your daily life

Use the best email software, designed specifically to go further than email clients. Managing your day will definitely change with this new tool.

Echo: Free your mind

You can choose to be notified if no response to your message has been received. When you send an email to your recipient, activate the Echo function. You can then set the date when you will be notified in case of no reply. You don't have to remember that someone has to answer you, Unipile does it for you.

Unipile helps you stop thinking about everything, all the time


Send a message

Send a message from any device (an SMS from the application on your computer, a Linkedin or WhatsApp message) without using native applications.


Templates to use

You regularly write the same messages or you customize some variables.
Create your own templates and save precious time.



When writing, access all exchanges related to the message, the contact, the task as well as the comments of your team.


Get smart reports on your messages and workload to understand what is important.

Inbox statistics


You and your team can directly comment an incoming message, build with your teammates the answer OR delegate the message to the right person.

They choose to use Unipile everyday

users' feedbacks

Pierre P.
La Vie Clair Owner

"I grouped my 3 email accounts, my SMS, my WhatsApp in 1 single inbox. I no longer miss important messages!"

Rachid B.
Sinclair Pharma Director

"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

Léon I.
Lemon Learning Marketing

"I organize myself from my inbox! I have all my messages, tasks, and calendars in one app."


What is the difference with other email clients?

Unipile is very different from historical mail clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. These softwares are very efficient and manage emails very well but Unipile has a much more complete approach by grouping all your daily messages in a single inbox (emails, WhatsApp, SMS, Linkedin...).
There are other tools like Sparkmail, Mailbird or Mailspring that offer a new and ergonomic approach to email processing. Spark also offers shared mailbox management. Unipile also offers the possibility to organize your day directly from your mailbox. You will be able to move your messages in your calendar, create tasks from a received email, comment on any message with the members of your group.

Are all features available whatever my Unipile offer?

All features are available on Unipile, even if you choose a free or a paid version. With Personnal (free version) you are only limited in the number of messaging accounts and the number of people in your team you can add.

Which offer should I choose to be able to comment on messages and delegate tasks to people in my team?

You can comment on any message received in your inbox, you can also delegate to a user, an email or a message by creating a Task via Unipile. You can add members to your team from your user account. You can add up to 3 users for the Personal (Free) and Boost (Paid) plans. If you want to add more users, you will have to switch to the Team offer (Paid) for all the users of your Team. Find all the information about our pricing.

How does Unipile support marketing campaigns?

Unipile is a messaging client dedicated to the management of your messages. You can send grouped emails to your contacts but we strongly advise you not to do so in the context of email campaigns. On the one hand, Unipile does not have tracking tools, unsubscribe links, or deliverability monitoring, unlike professional emailing tools. And on the other hand, your email providers may not accept this use and suspend your account.