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Next release - Oct. 2021

- Add Microsoft email accounts (Outlook, Exchange, Office 365)
- Google Calendar synchronization
- Create new WhatsApp and Linkedin conversations from the application


Version 1.0 - Bêta - 09/07/2021

FOCUS : this is the 1st 'post concept' version available to all our beta testers

Platforms :
- Desktop : Windows / Mc / Linux
- Mobiles : Android

Providers Emails : Receive and send emails for Gmail and all IMAP email providers (except Microsoft for the moment)

SMS and call notifications : SMS reception and call notifications for Android users. Reply to SMS received from the mobile application

WhatsApp messaging : Receiving and replying to messages

Linkedin messaging : Receiving and replying to messages




Concept - 2020/2021

FOCUS : We spent 12 months developing the core system of our application, from the idea to the technical concept.

Centralize all sources of messages and notifications are in a single inbox: connect your accounts, group your information in the same place, don't miss what is important.

Inbox Zero : For each message received you will be able to :
Answer Send your answer by email, SMS, WhatsApp or Linkedin to your contact
Snooze : The message will leave your inbox and return at the selected time
Plan : Drag and drop your messages in your calendar to handle it at the right time
Done : The message is now handled, you can click on Done, it will be archived (still accessible from the Search area)
By this way, you will " clear " your inbox and keep only what you haven't manage yet.

Calendar & Work mode You will find all the events, tasks, message replies etc. planned. Mark the planned event " Done " once it has been completed. If you didn't have time to complete the action, the event will reappear in your inbox to be processed/scheduled again. We help you not to forget anything! Switch to work mode to do the tasks you have planned for the day.

Global search Find all the messages from your different messaging accounts in one place. Increase readability and facilitate your search!

Plan your day easily, Manage your tasks efficiently


Am I limited in messaging accounts?

Users of the Personal version (free one) can add 2 email accounts, 1 email account shared between several users (shared inbox), 1 Mobile (SMS + Calls), 1 instant messaging account (Linkedin, Slack or WhatsApp). To add unlimited accounts, our users can switch to a paid offer (Boost, Team, Enterprise) or invite new users to join Unipile and get up free months - all of you: Referral

Are my inbox and calendar synchronized across all my devices?

When you install Unipile on your devices, you can create an account. This account allows your devices to sync with each other.

How does scheduled information appear in other calendars?

When you plan an item in your calendar, we create an event that will be synchronized in your other connected calendars. You will be able to find the main information but without all the options available only on your Unipile application.

How will I find my emails if I consult my current inbox?

Unipile updates all connected accounts to allow you to find the same organization between your different messaging accounts. Unipile moves inbox messages marked as done, archived etc. directly in the ARCHIVES directory of your inbox or ALL MESSAGES for Gmail. Unipile doesn't delete any messages.