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Is the Early access free?

Unipile during all its early access period is free of charge. Our users can decide to stop testing our software at any time. We want to involve active people in order to develop an app impacting their daily lives.

After the early access period, will I have to pay to use Unipile?

Once the early access period is over, users will be able to continue using Unipile in its free version or in its paid version. We will offer a substantial discount to thank our users for collaborating!

Can I use all features during the early access period?

Early access users have unlimited access to all the features available on our app. We are continually adding and testing new features, users will have access as soon as they become available.

Is my data safe with Unipile?

Unipile, even in early access, is by default designed for privacy. We never have access to your data. If you are using Unipile on more than one device, devices will synchronize each other to be up to date with your latest data. In this specific case, your encrypted data temporarily passes through our servers to your devices. The decryption key is only accessible on your devices, we can't decrypt or read your data. The encrypted data that passes through our servers is stored for only 7 days to facilitate synchronization, it will be deleted then. Find all the information on our safety rules: Privacy by design