Analyze your inbox to improve your day

Get smart reports on your messages and workload to understand what is important.

What takes you the most of your time?

Vous pouvez améliorer uniquement ce que vous pouvez mesurer. Visualisez précisémment vos flux d’informations, comprenez ce qui compose votre quotidien et agissez.

A personal dashboard

View the number of messages received or sent, your main senders or recipients, your activity periods, your response times... You have the information to track what matters to you.

A dashboard for teams

Identify your team's message flow sources, workload periods, response times, possible trouble spots.
Help your team focus on their missions.

Security and privacy

Unipile has no access to your data. In team mode, all feeds, recipients or messages tagged #personal will not be counted in statistical reports.


Are all features available whatever my Unipile offer?

All features are available on Unipile, even if you choose a free or a paid version. With Personnal (free version) you are only limited in the number of messaging accounts and the number of people in your team you can add.

How does Unipile manage user privacy?

Unipile is by default designed for privacy. We never have access to your data. If you are using Unipile on more than one device, devices will synchronize each other to be up to date with your latest data. In this specific case, your encrypted data temporarily passes through our servers to your devices. The decryption key is only accessible on your devices, we can't decrypt or read your data. The encrypted data that passes through our servers is stored for only 7 days to facilitate synchronization, it will be deleted then. Find all the information on our safety rules.
For team users Unipile has no access to your data, whether it is for your own use or for your team's use. For the team reports, the information is transparent, the members of a team can consult the statistics concerning their mutual exchanges in a shared email box usage between several users for example. Users with the "Manager" role can see the global statistics of their teams. They can see generic information that will help the team such as response times, overall volumes of messages received or sent, etc. Team member information tagged as "personal" will not appear in the team report, it is automatically excluded. Unipile offers team statistics and dashboards to help people identify and solve problems. Our goal is not to offer a tracking tool to control users in their daily life but to help them work with more serenity.