Succeed in the challenge of managing your business by mastering your daily life

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Orchestrate your day from your inbox

Don't miss out on important information: Centralize all of your message sources, tasks, events... in a single view.
Stop being overwhelmed by your workload: Organize your day from your inbox by dragging and dropping messages or actions to be processed directly into your calendar.
Standardize your organization: The same application for an identical operation between you and your teams.

Get better results by simply using your inbox

Echo: Free your mind, you can decide to be notified if you have not received a reply to a message sent to a customer or a member of your team.
Recherche & Contexte : Write your messages faster, view instantly all previous exchanges with your recipient, see your team's comments, etc.
Measure the impact of your messages: Check for example if your client received and read your last email.

Bring your teams on board, help them to succeed together

Team collaboration: Exchange directly with your team on a incoming message. On your action, a member can comment an email, a message and discuss with you in the comment field.
Shared inboxes: Manage multiple inboxes, track the right assignment and handling of incoming emails, don't miss important information.
Delegate messages, tasks: Assign a message and follow its achievement. You can enrich your message with actions to be taken and easily follow the progress.

Work with serenity to stay focused on what is important

No forgetting and no effort: Planned actions in your agenda that could not be completed will return to your inbox to be handled or rescheduled.
Dashboard to progress: Find on your personal dashboard or the one of your teams the summary of key information such as the number of received/sent messages, the top recipients/senders, the response times. Identify what needs to be improved and take action.
Privacy: Unipile has no access to your data, they are stored only on your devices. In team mode, all feeds, recipients or messages tagged #personal will not be counted in the statistics.


How many accounts can I add on Unipile?

Personal version (Free) allows users to add 2 email accounts + 1 shared email account, 1 Mobile account (SMS + Calls), 1 Instant Messaging account (Slack or WhatsApp or Teams etc.). Boost and Team offers (Paid) allow you to add as many accounts as you want. Get more information on our pricing.

Are all features available whatever my Unipile offer?

All features are available on Unipile, even if you choose a free or a paid version. With Personnal (free version) you are only limited in the number of messaging accounts and the number of people in your team you can add.

Which offer should I choose to be able to comment on messages and delegate tasks to people in my team?

You can comment on any message received in your inbox, you can also delegate to a user, an email or a message by creating a Task via Unipile. You can add members to your team from your admin access. You can add up to 3 users for the Personal (Free) and Boost (Paid) plans. If you want to add more users, you will have to switch to the Team offer (Paid) for all the users of your Team. Find all the information about our pricing.