Our mission

is simple but ambitious: Let our users find their serenity in their daily work

(from left to right)

Frontend Software Developer

CEO & Co-founder

Grégory SZUCS
Frontend Software Developer

Jean-Marc BIANCA
Lead Backend Developer

Thomas MILAN
Frontend Software Developer

CTO & Co-founder
(taking the picture)

If you want to join us, feel free to apply by sending us your resume to start@unipile.com

We are facing everyday a disordered and multi-sourced flow of information.

We spend more and more time sorting and organizing this information.

It's difficult to focus on our business, our added value, the reason why we work! Our inbox, the main tool for managing our daily life, is no longer enough.

We all need a new answer to manage easily our message feeds, to help us to organize our day and work more efficiently.

Unipile is an innovative messaging client designed to focus on what matters.

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If you have any questions and want to get in touch with our team, please send us an email at start@unipile.com. start@unipile.com

We are based in Riorges (between Lyon and Saint-Etienne), France

Our team work at the office, remotely from their home ou while visiting Eruope (Croatia last stopover)