We design our app on security purpose

Unipile was built to never have access to your messages. Your data doesn't interest us.

Designed for privacy

Unipile is privacy by design.
We place security at the heart of our application design.
Security is not just a feature, it is the foundation of our system.
The best way to meet this commitment is to never have access to your data.

Only users have access to the data they add to their app, we cannot use or share it. We are not interested in your data, our sources of revenue are only from users who subscribe to paid offers in order to add unlimited messaging accounts.

Users' data is stored on their own devices in their local storage or in a personal cloud account.

Unipile applications are connected directly from users' devices to their email, instant messaging or third party software providers. Users are the only ones who have access to their credentials. Credentials are stored on their devices and is not available on our servers.

End-to-End Encryption

There is one exception where information must pass through our servers. When users decide to add multiple devices using Unipile applications, it is then necessary to synchronize the devices between them to update the information. To avoid any risk of security failure, we encrypt the exchanges between the devices and keep only 7 days of encrypted exchanges (i.e. not readable) to facilitate synchronization between the devices. Once the 7 days are over, we automatically delete the encrypted data.The encryption standard used is AES 256, qui est le standard actuel dans le chiffrement des informations.Nous avons construit notre architecture sur le principe du zéro accès, vos données ne nous sont pas accessibles.Vous seul pourrez lire vos messages, accéder à vos données… personne d’autre ne peut le faire.

Data hosting in France

We use the data hosting services of SCALEWAY and OVH companies. We chose these 2 providers for their reliability, their reputation and the data hosting in France.

We store 2 types of data :
- The data related to the creation of your user account on unipile.com and the information necessary to manage your account.
- The encrypted data required to synchronize the information stored between your devices using our applications. (encrypted data with AES 256 standard stored only for 7 days)

We don't store any messages, address books, credentials or passwords from your third party services

Information collected by Unipile are listed in the document privacy policy.


How does Unipile manage user privacy?

Unipile is by default designed for privacy. We never have access to your data. If you are using Unipile on more than one device, devices will synchronize each other to be up to date with your latest data. In this specific case, your encrypted data temporarily passes through our servers to your devices. The decryption key is only accessible on your devices, we can't decrypt or read your data. The encrypted data that passes through our servers is stored for only 7 days to facilitate synchronization, it will be deleted then. For team users Unipile has no access to your data, whether it is for your own use or for your team's use.

If I use the Free version do I have the same privacy guarantees as the paid versions?

All our users using Unipile in Free version (Personal) or in Paid version (Boost, Team, Enterprise) benefit of the same security guarantees and the same confidentiality rules. We developed the architecture of Unipile in only one way: never have access to your data. We will never get paid by collecting your data or from advertising revenues. Our revenues are only generated by users who want no limit in the number of messaging accounts and the number of people in their team they can add (Boost, Team and Entreprise offers).