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Collaborate with your team from your inbox

Discuss with one or more people directly in your inbox. Get answers faster, validate an email before sending...

Delegate messages or tasks from incoming information. Simple and efficient for you and those who share your daily life.

How does it work?
From your user account, you can add members to your "team", you just have to enter their email to send them an invitation. If they are already Unipile users, they will be able to collaborate directly with you, if they are not yet users, they can create an account for free if they want.

Improve your offer and those of your referrals

Do you like the application, do you want to share your experience with your network?
You just have to invite other users to test Unipile. You will then benefit from the same advantages as your referrals. You are not limited, the more you invite the more you get to accumulate free months.

How does it work?
From your user account, you can refer people by sending them an email invitation. Each registered and active referral, i.e. who added at least one email account on his application will be assigned one month free of charge for the boost offer as well as the referrer's.

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users' feedbacks

Pierre P.
La Vie Clair Owner

"I grouped my 3 email accounts, my SMS, my WhatsApp in 1 single inbox. I no longer miss important messages!"

Rachid B.
Sinclair Pharma Director

"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

Léon I.
Lemon Learning Marketing

"I organize myself from my inbox! I have all my messages, tasks, and calendars in one app."


Which offer should I choose to be able to comment on messages and delegate tasks to people in my team?

You can comment on any message received in your inbox, you can also delegate to a user, an email or a message by creating a Task via Unipile. You can add members to your team from your user account. You can add up to 3 users for the Personal (Free) and Boost (Paid) plans. If you want to add more users, you will have to switch to the Team offer (Paid) for all the users of your Team. Find all the information about our offers and prices: our pricing.

Does referral program limit the number of free months earned for the Boost offer?

We do not limit the number of free months obtained by referring new users. The referrer can cumulate free months of the Boost offer without limit, no matter the number of referrals AND active (i.e. the referree must create an account on Unipile and have set up at least one email account on his Unipile application). All the free months are cumulated and are visible from youruser account.

What happens to the email addresses of the people I have referred?

Unipile users can invite other people to discover our application. To add a user, simply send an invitation from the user space. The invitations sent (contents + email recipients) can be consulted from the Referrer's admin access. If a referred person decides to create an account on Unipile, he/she will become a Unipile user and will have previously accepted our privacy policy. In the opposite case, i.e. people who do not create an account, they will never be contacted by Unipile. The email address and the content are kept only for the referrer follow-up. This information will never be used by Unipile.