Why Unipile?

Our messaging applications are at the center of our daily lives, but managing all these messages and the actions related is often a challenge!
We decided to change the classic model of Multi-inboxes, Multi-agendas, Multi-to do lists etc.

# Consolidate and Centralize

You will be able to connect all your accounts from all your apps:
Emails, WhatsApp, Linkedin, SMS, Call notifications... in a single inbox.

# Organize and Work

Answer Send your answer by email, SMS, WhatsApp or Linkedin to your contact
Plan : Drag and drop your messages in your calendar to handle it at the right time
Done : The message is processed, click Done to archive it.

You will find in your calendar all the events, messages you planned. Connect your calendar (Google or Microsoft) to synchronize your current events.

Switch to work mode to keep track of the tasks you have planned for the day and stay focused on what you are doing (without being disturbed by your new messages).

You didn't have time to process a planned task, no worries, it will come back in your inbox to be processed/scheduled again.

As your messages are processed, you will empty your inbox. There will only be messages waiting to be handled.