Plan your day to make it a success

Drag and drop your messages, notifications or tasks in your calendar to get them done at the right time.

A new smart inbox

Unipile is your new workspace, you can manage your daily life and stay focused on what matters.


A new element (email, sms, call, notifications…) is received.
You choose what action to do.

At the right time

Planed items (email to answer, phone call to make, task to do...) request your action directly in your inbox.

Without forgetting anything

An uncompleted task returns to your inbox to be processed again.

Plan your day easily, Manage your tasks efficiently

>> Fast Forward

Stop feeling overwhelmed by the dozens of new messages in your inbox. Switch to fast forward mode to review, schedule or process them instantly.

Focus mode

Stay focused on what that matter, stop switching between your apps to read and reply to your messages. Don't let yourself be disturbed anymore.

Inbox Zero method

A simple and automatic way to have no pending messages in your inbox.
All the incoming information are processed, planned and archived. Let us guide you!

Import your current calendars

Vous pouvez importer vos agendas Google, Microsoft,  ou utiliser celui d’Unipile. Les éléments créés se synchronisent automatiquement.
In Team mode, you can consult the calendars or items shared between your teams.


How do I plan an item in my agenda?

You can plan a reply to a message, a reminder, a task etc. by dropping the message directly into your calendar or by clicking on the plan button to choose the right time slot.

Are my inbox and calendar synchronized across all my devices?

When you install Unipile on your devices, you can create an account. This account allows your devices to sync with each other.

How does scheduled information appear in other calendars?

When you plan an item in your calendar, we create an event that will be synchronized in your other connected calendars. You will be able to find the main information but without all the options available only on your Unipile application.

How will I find my emails if I consult my current inbox?

Unipile updates all connected accounts to allow you to find the same organization between your different messaging accounts. Unipile moves inbox messages marked as done, archived etc. directly in the ARCHIVES directory of your inbox or ALL MESSAGES for Gmail. Unipile doesn't delete any messages.