Centralize all your messages in one app

View all your messages into a single interface from your desktop or your mobile

Easily synchronize all your messaging feeds

Add your message accounts in a few clicks.



Gmail, Outlook, iCloud and all email providers (IMAP)



SMS, Journaux d’appels et Messages vocaux de votre mobile

Instant messaging


WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram… IM added regularly



Slack, Teams, Discord…
Outils collaboratifs ajoutés continuellement



Google, Outlook, import your calendars or use Unipile's one.

Stay focused

Work again with focus and efficiency.
When you start working on a task, you are no longer disturbed by new incoming messages. You have on the same interface the history of your previous exchanges, the comments of your team, the associated files.
When you complete your tasks, you can continue with your other planned actions. At any time, you can decide to come back to your inbox to consult your new messages.

Super Search

Search all your messages, contacts, files from all your inboxes.
Group in a single interface all the information related to your contacts: emails, sms, call logs, and messages from WhatsApp, Linkedin, Slack, Teams etc.
You will be able to build up the history of your exchanges and easily find the important elements.
Save time in your research, stay focused on what matters.

Offline and secure

Your messages and data are stored directly on your devices and are accessible even when you are not connected to Internet.
Conserver toutes les informations sur chacun de vos appareils disposant de l’application Unipile. Vous êtes les seuls à avoir accès à vos données, nous ne pouvons ni les lire, ni les utiliser. Les informations de connexion à vos comptes de messageries sont stockées dans vos appareils et ne sont pas disponibles sur nos serveurs.


Am I limited in messaging accounts?

Users of the Personal version (free one) can add 2 email accounts, 1 email account shared between several users (shared inbox), 1 Mobile (SMS + Calls), 1 instant messaging account (Linkedin, Slack or WhatsApp). To add unlimited accounts, our users can switch to a paid offer (Boost, Team, Enterprise) or invite new users to join Unipile and get up free months - all of you: Referral

Are the accounts added on Unipile synchronized between all my devices?

When you install Unipile on your devices, you can create an account. This account allows your devices to sync with each other.

I don't see my favorite instant messaging app in your channels, what should I do?

We are continuously adding new messaging accounts, we want to aggregate as many feeds as possible in a single interface to facilitate the daily life of our users. If messaging accounts are not available, you can request us by email at start@unipile.com We will analyze the technical aspects and the benefits for all our users. We can also in some cases proceed to specific integrations, business software for example, do not hesitate to contact us.