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Logo Facebook

There is no need to introduce Facebook anymore, one of the biggest social networks used all over the world. You need to use the Facebook logo in your presentations, documents or others… We have gathered in this article the different versions of the Facebook Logo in png format to download them for free.

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How to download the Facebook logo?

Downloading the Facebook logo is very easy. You just have to search the corresponding keywords to find the right files. There are many sites that offer this service. Some of them are even sites created by Facebook itself. The official website offers a wide range of certified Facebook logos. You will find the brand’s logos in various formats (PNG, PSD, TIF, EPS or AI), for computer, Facebook messenger, vector, HD background image, etc. Once you have found the format you need, all you have to do is download it. You can find all the official logos on the page Facebook.

Facebook PNG logo

The PNG format is one of the most widely used in digital image size. On specialized logo sites, there is a wide selection of Facebook PNG logo with some new features. Among the latest PNG images of the brand, you will find the high-quality “f” symbol with a transparent background. You can use this image for your personal or professional projects.

Download the Facebook logos by right clicking on the image and then “Save image as”.

Logo Facebook

Facebook logo color, png format

Logo Facebook grey

Facebook logo grey,png format

White and black Facebook logo

Looking for a white or black Facebook logo? There is a certified black Facebook logo. They are also available in various formats. After seeing download Facebook logo, you can directly use it in your presentation, documents, etc. However, it is not allowed to modify it.
Logo Facebook white

Facebook Logo white, format png

Logo Facebook black

Facebook logo black, format png

Logo Follow us on Facebook and Pouce en l’air

You can also download the logo Follow us on Facebook and the famous Thumbs up of Facebook. These 2 logos are in png format to facilitate their use.

logo Find us on facebook

Facebook logo Find us, format png

logo thumb up Facebook

Facebook logo Thumb up, format png

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History and versions of the Facebook logo

The logo has a great importance for a brand, because it really defines its identification and the symbol with which it can be recognized. Not only does the design convey the image of the company, but it also has a role to play in communication. Facebook’s design has evolved over the years with the company and its community, even if the change seems minimal. Find here the history and the versions of the Facebook logo !

Why did you choose the name Facebook?

Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook was invented for one purpose only, to provide information about students and educational members of Harvard University. That’s how he named the site The Facebook.
Translated “the book of faces” in French, this name perfectly represents the objective of the interface creation. It is only in 2006, when the site was opened to all people over 13 years old that the “the” in front of the word Facebook was removed. The site then opened up to businesses by offering new services.

On the logo side, Andrew McCollum is the person behind the Facebook “f” symbol. Engineer and co-founder of the social network in 2004, he is now an entrepreneur and investor in high-tech start-ups. As for the blue color of the Facebook logo, it would have been chosen because of Mark Zuckerberg who has difficulty perceiving colors since he is colorblind.

Evolution of the logo over the years

Over the years, the Facebook logo has seen very few changes. It was only spelled out in full. After 2005, the white and blue “f” symbol was kept in its simple and minimalist design. In 2013, the logo has not seen any changes, only the font makes the difference.

1st logo facebook

Facebook Logo from 2004 to 2005

2nd logo Facebook

Facebook logo from 2005 to 2015

3rd logo Facebook

Facebook logo from 2015 to 2019

4th logo facebook

Facebook logo from 2019 to today

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Other logos available

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