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Are you looking for the url to connect to your Gandi Webmail?

Find out the portal to access Gandi using SOGO Webmail or Roundcube.

Gandi webmail

Choose your favorite Webmail to check your Emails.
Use Sogo or Roundcube according to your preferences.

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You don’t find your webmail convenient or efficient enough to manage all your messages?
Try Unipile on your computer or mobile to read and send your emails.

Mailbox and calendar

Check your emails with Gandi SOGo Webmail

SOGo is free and opensource software. SOGo provides a complete web interface and supports standard protocols such as CalDAV, CardDAV, GroupDAV or Microsoft ActiveSync.

Its graphic interface is simple but more modern than Roundcube for example. The access to the messages is very fast.

SOGo Webmail

How to connect to SOGo Webmail?

Click on this link to access your Gandi emails from your browser: https://webmail.gandi.net/SOGo/

Enter your login (username + domain) and your password then click on the “arrow” to validate.

Gandi SOGo webmail connection

Access Gandi’s Roundcube Webmail

Roundcube is an Opensource email client available on a web browser. It has the essential functionalities to manage its emails: management of the IMAP protocol, LDAP address book, spelling check, templates of answers…

Webmail Roundcube Gandi

How to connect to Roundcube Webmail?

Click on this link to access your Gandi emails from your browser: https://webmail.gandi.net/roundcube/

Enter your username (username + domain) and your password then click on login to validate.

webmail roundcube gandi connection

Give a new dimension to your emails

Unipile gathers all your messages in a single application accessible from your computer or your mobile.


Modern messaging - consolidate your messages

Alternatives to Gandi’s SOGo and Roundcube Webmail

SOGo and Roundcube are two webmails offered by Gandi. You can access your emails from your web browser on these interfaces.

You can also decide to use email clients or dedicated messaging software to manage your messages. Rather than logging in to your browser each time, you can download applications or software to which you will connect your Gandi email account.

Email clients and email software

Using a mail client is an excellent solution to manage your emails more easily than from a webmail.

An email client is an application or a software that you will download on your computer or on your mobile. There are many different types of software. Each one has its own features or specificities, some are free and others are paid. We have selected the 5 best email clients to use on a daily basis.

How to configure your mail client for Gandi?

Gandi automatically suggests using the POP or IMAP protocols to set up your email clients or messaging systems. In most cases, we recommend using the IMAP protocol. This protocol will allow you to use your email on several platforms. The messages are stored on Gandi’s server so that your email clients can consult them, write new messages, archive your emails, etc.

Incoming server IMAPmail.gandi.netSSL993
Outgoing server (SMTP)mail.gandi.netSSL465

If you don’t know how to set up your Gandi account on an email client, you can try Unipile which will automatically detect the correct settings for your account.

About Gandi

Gandi is a French company founded in 2000. Its main activity is domain name registration and web hosting. Gandi has offices in France, Taiwan and the United States.

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