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Today, we all use many messaging applications to communicate with our network, whether it is professional or personal. However, there are applications that allow us to group all these messaging in one place, offering a more convenient and organized solution. In this article, we will examine the advantages and the possible solution to group your messaging in a single application.

Benefits of consolidating messaging into a single application

Ease of use: One application allows you to communicate with everyone in your contact list without having to switch applications. This can be especially handy if you use several different messaging applications, as you no longer have to switch from one application to another.

Less notifications: By grouping all your messengers in one application, you don’t receive separate notifications for each application. This is very useful if you are often solicited by different people on different applications and you want to avoid being constantly disturbed.

Better organization: A universal email client can help you better organize your conversations and easily find the messages you’re looking for. For example, you can sort or filter conversations by category (“friends,” “family,” “work”) or search through all your messages without having to search through every message.

Another advantage is the ability to easily synchronize multiple accounts from the same mailbox. You can group together in a single interface your multiple accounts WhatsApp, Linkedin for example.

Unipile groups all your messages

Unipile allows you to group all your messages in a single interface. You can add your different email accounts, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Facebook Messenger, Instagram… You can read and reply to all your messages from Unipile. By connecting your existing calendars (Google for example), you can view your calendar with your messages and move your messages in your calendar to plan the answer to a message for example. Find out all the messaging apps integrated into the application.

How to choose the messaging application which suits your needs best?

Assess your needs: Before choosing an email client, think about what you use most often in your current email applications and choose a solution that offers those features. For example, if you communicate a lot via email, WhatsApp, Linkedin etc. make sure the application you choose supports them.

Check the security: Make sure the application you are using is secure and protects your personal data. Check to see if it uses encryption protocols to protect your conversations and data and if it has strict privacy policies.

See what other users have to say: Read other users’ reviews to learn more about their experiences with the application and discover its strengths and weaknesses.

Try several applications: Before you decide, don’t hesitate to check the compatibility with your devices. Compare the functions of each one and make sure that the proposed organization fits well with your uses.

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Unipile gathers all your Emails, WhatsApp, Linkedin, FB Messenger… in a single application accessible from your computer or your mobile.

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How to group messaging apps?

Consolidate your email addresses: Grouping of different email addresses is widely proposed by all applications such as email client. Instead, check if it is possible to add other information channels such as your agendas or your instant messengers. Some additional functionalities can be very interesting like transforming your messages in tasks. This can be very useful in your daily life.

Consolidate your emails and other messaging apps: There are very few applications with technical capacity to combine your emails with your instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Linkedin, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Teams… Find out how group all your messages together with Unipile.

Unified messages

Unipile groups all your messages and brings you new features to improve the management of your messaging. You will gain in productivity and serenity. Unipile also ensures a high level of security by basing its architecture on the principle of zero access encryption. This means that only users can access their data, Unipile will never have access to your messages or to any of your data. Learn more about the data security.

Disadvantages of grouping messaging in a single application

Limited functionality: Email clients may not offer all the features available in native email applications. For example, they may offer only certain customization options or specific features.

Mixing all types of flows: Some users want to separate their worlds (Professional, Personal, Association) by dedicating specific messaging channels.

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