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Reply to your emails with ChatGPT AI

Your AI assistant offers you a positive, negative or custom reply depending on the context of your message.

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Reply to your email with Unipile and ChatGPT

Save time replying to your emails with Artificial Intelligence

Choose the type of reply you want to write so that Open AI’s GPT-3 AI will write the message based on the context of the conversation. You can then adjust the reply before sending it.

Use AI assistance on all your messaging accounts

With native OpenAI API integration in Unipile, you can reply to your emails but also all your instant messages. AI replies to your WhatsApp or Linkedin messages with the ChatGPT assistant

Emails with AI


Connect your email accounts to Unipile to access to the Message AI feature for all your messages. Save time and efficiency!

Linkedin and WhatsApp with AI

Linkedin and WhatsApp

Reply in 1 click to all your Linkedin or WhatsApp messages. Write custom messages with the help of ChatGPT.

Communication platforms with AI

And many others

All platforms connected to Unipile support the Message AI feature. List of integrations.

ChatGPT at the service of your messages

In most cases you know what your answer means but the writing is often an obstacle to quick processing.

Say goodbye to the blank page with Unipile! The AI suggests you a structured and quality response. You can adjust or adapt it according to your preferences as well as the context unknown to the AI.

You have a great foundation to reply or write your messages efficiently!

Reply with AI ChatGPT

👍 Positive

Ask your AI assistant to write a relevant response based on the content of your message.

👎 Negative

In 1 click, make a prompt to ask for a negative reply with the content of your discussion.

✍ Custom

Type the elements to be included in your message and the AI will suggest a complete message for you, adjust if necessary.

Use cases for the AI assistant in Unipile

Use the custom prompt to ask your AI assistant to write emails or messages based on contextual elements. Communicate only a few elements to help AI create a complete text.

Appointment confirmation

Please confirm our appointment by email, WhatsApp or Linkedin with the appropriate salutation: “Confirm appointment”

Taking into account

Inform your recipient you have received his message with formal language: “message received”

More information

Ask for more information: “more information”

Service and Support

Just write the elements of the reply, the AI will take care of the formatting: “Problem identified and being resolved”

Prospecting assistance

Let AI suggest prospecting messages based on your expectations: “suggest using Unipile to save time by using AI to reply to its messages”

Decline or negative

Decline unwanted requests promptly and politely: “not interested”

Automatic translation

Translate your messages automatically using AI: “reply in French that we need time to take our decision”

And many others depending on your use

The AI adapts to your requests, you can use its help for all your messages.

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Connect your OpenAI account on Unipile

Unipile connects to your account with your OpenAI API key. By creating a free account on OpenAI you get a credit of 18$ which allows you to generate more than 500 answers. You can then change your account or sign up for a paid plan with OpenAI. The AI message feature is free for the Unipile part regardless of the version of the application used.

The OpenAI configuration settings vary the cost of each request. They are accessible directly from your Unipile application. This allows you to manage the number of credits used for each request.

Instant messaging requests are less expensive because the chat history send to clarify the context is less long and the replies are shorter by default.

More information on OpenAI.

Data privacy

Use AI with privacy

By design, Unipile respects your privacy. We cannot access your conversations, they do not transit through our servers.
However, by using the OpenAI service, your messages are sent to OpenAI to allow their AI to analyze the original message to generate the reply.
OpenAI states that your data can be used to train AI anonymously, but it is not possible to verify the exact use of your data. You can ask OpenAI to stop using your data to train AI and thus increase your privacy. Follow this procedure for your request.

Unipile is cross-platform

Reply in 1 click to all messages with ChatGPT

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They choose to use Unipile everyday

users' feedback

Pierre P.
La Vie Clair Owner

"I grouped my 3 email accounts, my SMS, my WhatsApp in 1 single inbox. I no longer miss important messages!"

Rachid B.
Sinclair Pharma Director

"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

Léon I.
Lemon Learning Marketing

"I organize myself from my inbox! I have all my messages, tasks, and calendars in one app."


How does Unipile generate replies to messages?

When you choose to reply to an email, WhatsApp chat, LinkedIn message etc. through your AI assistant, Unipile will send the content of your message and the type of response to OpenAI. We offer by default a positive, negative, or personalized reply. In the custom version, users can input content to give context to their prompt in order to get the most complete reply possible.

Which artificial intelligence does Unipile use?

Unipile uses GPT-3 from OpenAI for Artificial Intelligence assisted message writing. ChatGPT is based on the GPT-3 model. The difference at the moment is that ChatGPT allows users to converse with AI which GPT-3 does not.

How much does the OpenAI feature cost?

Unipile offers a free and a paid version of its application. The Message AI feature is available for free regardless of the version of Unipile used.
Creating an OpenAI account is required to use their tool. Creating an account is free. You get 18$ of credit when you create the account. Each request will debit credits according to the parameters available in the application. You can consult your current credits on this page.

How does Unipile manage user privacy?

The Unipile application is designed for privacy by default. We never have access to your data. If you use Unipile on several of your devices, they must synchronize with each other to be up to date with your latest data. In this case, your encrypted data is temporarily transmitted on our servers to your devices. The encryption key is only accessible on your devices, we can neither decrypt nor read your data.
OpenAI trains its analysis model by collecting the data you submit (message content in our case). OpenAI is committed to applying best practices when it comes to data management they collect. If you do not want your data to be collected and used to drive their analysis model, you can request this by this procedure.