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For faster recruitment and sales, quick message responses are key. Real-time sync keeps users informed, aiding prompt replies to leads, candidates, and clients. Connect unlimited LinkedIn accounts per user.

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Integrate WhatsApp API for centralized customer interactions, going beyond email and SMS for rapid communication. Real-time chats and problem-solving made easy. Unlimited WhatsApp accounts per user.

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What is a Messaging API?

A Messaging API is a tool that allows applications to send and receive messages on various messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more

How can I integrate the WhatsApp API into my application?

You can connect WhatsApp API for your personnal account and WhatsApp Business API integration is coming soon, contact us for more details.

Can I integrate multiple messaging platforms using a single Messaging API?

Yes, you can integrate platforms like WhatsApp API, Facebook Messenger API, Slack API, and more into a unified solution using a Messaging API.

What type of WhatsApp accounts does your API support?

Our API supports classic WhatsApp accounts, not WhatsApp Business accounts for the moment. We aim to provide integration and functionality for regular WhatsApp users.

Which LinkedIn features are currently supported by your API?

Currently, our API supports both LinkedIn Classic and Premium features. We are actively working to integrate LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator in the very near future to expand our services.

How does Unipile's Messaging API unify communications?

Unipile’s Messaging API allows you to unify communications across platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It enhances user experiences and provides valuable data insights.

Can Unipile's APIs improve customer satisfaction?

Absolutely, by providing a 360-degree view of interactions and ensuring no message goes unnoticed, Unipile’s APIs can significantly increase your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

What does "LinkedIn multi-accounts" mean in the context of the API?

LinkedIn multi-accounts refer to the capability to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts efficiently through the API.

Are there any security concerns when using a Messaging API?

Security is crucial. Always use secure, authorized channels, encrypt sensitive data, and follow best practices outlined by the respective API providers to protect your messaging integration.

How can I contact the team for an integration ?

Tell us about your project by filling out the form. We look forward to discussing how Unipile can support your communication needs! Feel free to access our API documentation here.