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Facebook Messenger is a messaging application developed by Facebook. It was created in 2010 to allow users to chat with each other, send messages and share files via Facebook.
The Facebook Messenger logo is a combination of the letters F and M, which stand for “Facebook” and “Messenger” respectively.
Find in this article the Messenger logos to download and the history of the evolutions.

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Download the Messenger logo

Messenger PNG logo

The logos on this page are in PNG format to allow you to use them more easily. The Meta Group, the editor of Facebook Messenger, allows you to use their official logo freely but you must respect their charter of use. You can find all the information on their page official resources.

Download the Messenger logos by right-clicking on the image and then “Save image as”.

Logo Messenger

Messenger logo in color, png format

Black Messenger logo

You can also download the black version of the Facebook Messenger logo, it is the official version. Once you’ve downloaded it in .png format, you can use it freely but always respect the graphic charter imposed by Meta.

Messenger Logo  black format png

Messenger logo black, png format

White Messenger logo

There is also a white version of the Messenger logo. You can also use it freely but respecting the requirements of Facebook (Meta group).

  Messenger logo white png format

Messenger logo white, png format

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messaging facebook messenger

Evolution of the logo over the years

The Facebook Messenger logo has changed a number of times since the Facebook Messenger app was launched in 2011.

The original Messenger logo was a blue F with a white arrow pointing to the right, which is used in the current version of the application. This logo was used for about two years before being replaced by the current logo.

The second version of the logo removed the arrow and added an orange bubble in the lower left corner. This version was used for about five years before being replaced with a new design in 2016.

The third iteration of the logo is similar to its predecessor, but now has red accents instead of orange and uses rounded corners instead of pointed ones. This version is currently used by Facebook for all versions of its messaging application, except for its web version (which still uses a variation of the second design).

The different evolutions of the Messenger logo

The logo has evolved 4 times in the last few years. Download the previous versions:

Messenger logo  2011-2013

Version from 2011 to 2013

Messenger logo  2013-2018

Version from 2013 to 2018

messenger logo 2018-2020

Version from 2018 to 2020

messenger logo

Current version

About Facebook Messenger

The first version of Facebook Messenger was launched in 2011. Initially, it was called “Facebook Chat” and was a feature of the main Facebook application.

Facebook Messenger allows users to exchange messages with other users of the service and make calls to cell phones via VoIP using a computer’s speakers and microphone or by sending SMS messages to their cell phones. In addition to instant messaging, Facebook Messenger offers a group chat feature, which allows users to participate in group conversations with up to 150 people at once. Users can also send photos and videos in messages, as well as stickers (small emojis).

The app has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people worldwide and has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users (MAU).

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Other logos available

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