IMAP OVH, configure your email account

Find all the necessary parameters to configure your OVH email account on an email client or an email application.

OVH IMAP and SMTP settings

List of parameters necessary to configure your OVH email account:

IMAP Settings
IMAP server
IMAP port 993
IMAP Security SSL
IMAP user name Email
IMAP password Email password

SMTP settings
SMTP server
SMTP port 465
SMTP security SSL
SMTP user name Email
SMTP password Email password

Automatic setup for OVH

Don’t want to spend time configuring your OVH account?
Unipile is an email application that groups your messages and automatically configures your OVH email settings.

Application to consult your mail OVH

How do I configure my OVH email account on my email software?

An email client is an application that you will download on your computer or cell phone to view and reply to email messages received.
Below is the method for adding OVH IMAP settings to Outlook, Thunderbird and Unipile.

OVH IMAP settings on OUTLOOK

1. Click on File and then Add an account
2. Enter your email address in the address field
3. Outlook asks you to enter your password. If the settings are not found automatically, the IMAP Account Settings panel will appear
4. Enter in Incoming Mail, Server : ; Port: 993
5. Choose SSL/TLS Encryption Method
6. Enter in Outgoing mail, Server : ; Port: 465
7. Choose SSL/TLS Encryption Method and click Next
8. Enter your password and click on Login

Outlook IMAP OVH


1. Click on Tools then Account Settings
2. When clicking on Account Management (at the bottom of the list), choose Add an email account
3. Thunderbird asks you to enter your Display Name, your OVH email address and your password. Click on Continue
4. If the settings are not found automatically, the Server Settings panel will be displayed.
Enter in Incoming Server, Host Name : ; Port: 993 Connection security: SSL/TLS; Authentication method: Normal password; User name: Your OVH email address
5. Enter in Outgoing server, Host name : ; Port: 465Connection security: SSL/TLS; Authentication method: Normal password; User name: Your OVH email address
7. Choose SSL/TLS Encryption Method and click Next
8. Click on Done

Parameters IMAP OVH Thunderbird

OVH IMAP settings on UNIPILE

1. Click on Add an account and choose Emails (IMAP)
2. Enter your OVH email address and click Next
3. Enter the password associated with the email address
4. OVH IMAP settings are automatically detectedIf you arrive on the Email Account Configuration panel, we invite you to check that you have entered your email and password correctly. You also have the possibility on this panel to modify the automatic connection parameters.

Parameters IMAP OVH Unipile

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Alternative to email setup

You are unable to set up your account and wish to use OVH webmail. You have at your disposal the Webmail provided by the host:

Webmail Free Roundcube

About OVH

OVH was founded by Octave KLABA in 1999. The company was renamed OVHcloud in 2019. Its main activity is hosting servers, providing Internet access and telecommunications operator. The main services offered are hosting solutions in the cloud (private and public) and domain name management.
OVHcloud entered the market in 2021, it offers its services to about 1.6 million customers worldwide (half in France).

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