Text message from your pc

Send SMS from computer

Your SMS text messaging are synced on your computer. Send and receive your text messages from Windows, Linux or Mac.

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SMS on computer

Send SMS
from your computer

Install Unipile on your Android mobile and your computer to send and receive SMS text messages from your PC under Windows, Linux, or your Mac. Synchronize also your other messengers if you wish.

Use new features to manage your SMS and much more

Send your SMS from your computer or mobile

You can send and receive your SMS text messages from the Unipile application on your computer or from your cell phone. Your messages are synchronized.

Text messages from PC
call notifications

Calls notifications

Receive notifications of missed, received calls directly on your computer. Don’t miss important calls anymore.

Backup SMS on PC

Save text messages

Unipile allows you to save your text messages on PC, Mac, or Linux from your Android Mobile. Your SMS will be automatically synchronized.

Message templates


Create your own templates to stop writing the same messages over and over. Write your messages faster and save time.

Global search

Search all your SMS, messages, conversations, contacts, or files instantly on all your messengers. Save time in your search.

Search all messages

Echo: Free your mind

You can choose to be notified if no response to your SMS has been received. Activate this option before or after sending. Stop thinking about everything, all the time.

Echo - automatic reminder

How to send SMS from your PC?

It’s not always easy to switch between your phone and your computer. Information can get lost, it is not available on all devices and each device often imposes its own organization.
Unipile will allow you to manage your text messages and other messages in a single application.

Calls and SMS with other messages

Read and reply to your messages faster

The first goal of the Unipile application is to allow you to read your SMS through your computer. With this application at your side, you can: reply directly to your incoming text messages, move messages in the archives, and plan your agenda according to your notifications and tasks that are displayed.

Find all your messages in one place

Who has never missed an urgent incoming SMS, an email, or any other important information?
Unipile allows you to access in 1 click:

  • To your email: Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and all email providers 
  • To your mobile messages: SMS, call logs
  • To your collaborative messaging applications: Teams, Slack, Discord, and more 
  • To your instant messaging: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger…
Group all your messages

Be more organized with Unipile

If Unipile is particularly appreciated by its users, it is also because it is possible to organize one’s personal and professional life from the application. Each feature has been designed to simplify the life of users and to avoid them switching from one application to another or even from one screen to another.

  • Choose directly what you need to do from your computer

You’ve just received an email or a text message? The application doesn’t just notify you! Without having to go through your phone, you can choose with Unipile what action to do: reply, forward, delete, repeat, mark as done… 

  • Plan all the important moments of your day

By clicking on “Plan”, the action is reported for later (depending on the time and date chosen). To be notified at a more convenient time, Unipile will solicit your attention by sending a non-intrusive notification so that you can consult your SMS on your PC. 

  • Never missed an important task

Sometimes you may not be able to reply immediately or you may not pay attention to all the notifications popping up on your computer. Don’t worry, with Unipile you can be sure that you will never forget anything. And for good reason, if no action has been chosen beforehand, the message goes back to the inbox and waits to be processed. This feature also allows you to have no more pending messages on all the messaging applications installed on your smartphone. 

  • Control your agenda more easily

With Unipile, don’t limit yourself to sending text messages from your PC. There is also a feature that allows you to link your message to your calendar. This allows you to better organize and plan your daily tasks. 

  • Keep track of your activities

Unipile is also a personal dashboard that allows you to keep an eye on your statistics. At a glance, you can see the number of messages received or sent in a given period. You can also get a list of the most common senders and recipients, the periods of activity for messages and calls as well as the response times. This information is particularly important to control your information flow and understand what you can change or improve in your daily life. 

Stay informed continuously

You can receive incoming SMS on your PC but that’s not all. There is very useful feature called Echo. The purpose of this feature is simple: notify you, if you have not yet received a reply to an important message. In this case, you will control when the notification will appear.

Automate your messages

Do you often write the same content in your text messages? Unlike writing SMS with the original application, Unipile will allow you to create message templates ready to send. A feature that will save you even more time.

Work in teams with ease

Our innovative application is not only for personal use. You can add members to your group (personal or professional) and collaborate on a received message. Exchange messages with others without having to transfer the message. Delegate a message to the right person in your group and follow its achievement.

How to read my SMS on my computer?

Follow the steps to be able to sync SMS on Windows, Mac or Linux: 

  1. Download and install the application on your mobile and your computer
  2. Connect your Mobile Phone with the Mobile application
  3. Receive, reply and manage your SMS efficiently  

This application runs on Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and Android phones (Apple’s iOS does not allow the synchronization of SMS and Calls)

Unipile is cross-platform

They choose to use Unipile everyday

Avis clients Unipile
Transfom a message in task

Pierre P. 
La Vie Claire Owner

"I grouped my 3 email accounts and my WhatsApp in 1 single inbox. I no longer miss important messages!"

Transfom a message in task

Rachid B.
Sinclair Pharma Director

"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

Transfom a message in task

Léon L. 
Lemon Learning Marketing

"I organize myself from my inbox! I have all my messages, tasks, and calendars in one app."


Which mobiles are supported to send SMS from a PC or a Mac?

Receiving and sending SMS work from Android 5.0 – Lollipop

Apple’s iOS devices do not support receiving or sending SMS through third-party applications.

Are my inbox and calendar synchronized across all my devices?

When you install Unipile on your devices, you can create an account. This account allows your devices to sync with each other.

How does scheduled information appear in other calendars?

When you plan an item in your calendar, we create an event that will be synchronized in your other connected calendars. You will be able to find the main information but without all the options available only on your Unipile application.