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Collaborate with your team from your inbox

Integrate your collaborative apps, comment on incoming messages, discuss as close as possible to information.

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Use features to work more easily with everyone

Team collaboration

Chat directly with one or more people from your team on an email or a message received. Get answers easily, validate information and check with your team before sending messages.

Work with your team on an incoming message

Delegate messages

Assign a message and follow its achievement. You can enrich your message with actions to be taken and easily follow the progress.


Message templates

You usually write the same messages and personalize them.
Create your own models and save precious time for you and your team.

Write a message based on the chat history

Shared inboxes

Manage email inboxes with your team, assign the message to the right people, work efficiently and follow up together things are done.


How many accounts can I add on Unipile?

Personal version (Free) allows users to add 2 email accounts + 1 shared email account, 1 Mobile account (SMS + Calls), 1 Instant Messaging account (Slack or WhatsApp or Teams etc.). Boost and Team offers (Paid) allow you to add as many accounts as you want. Get more information on our pricing.

Are all features available whatever my Unipile offer?

All features are available on Unipile, even if you choose a free or a paid version. With Personal (free version) you are only limited in the number of messaging accounts and the number of people in your team you can add.

Which offer should I choose to be able to comment on messages and delegate tasks to people in my team?

You can comment on any message received in your inbox, you can also delegate to a user, an email or a message by creating a Task via Unipile. You can add members to your team from your user account. You can add up to 3 users for the Personal (Free) and Boost (Paid) plans. If you want to add more users, you will have to switch to the Team offer (Paid) for all the users of your Team. Find all the information about our pricing.