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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world today. It allows you to chat directly with your contacts or participate in discussion groups. The application is very easy to use from your smartphone. Since a few years, WhatsApp has made available to its users a version for PC and Mac. This application is called WhatsApp Web.
So how does WhatsApp work on PC? Is it easy to use like the smartphone version? How do you use it on a computer and what are its features? The article will answer all these questions in detail.


  1. What is WhatsApp Web?
  2. How do I connect to WhatsApp Web?
    1. How to use WhatsApp on my computer?
    2. How to scan the WhatsApp QR code?
  3. What are the features of WhatsApp Web?
    1. Content sharing
    2. Activate your WhatsApp notifications
  4. Alternatives to WhatsApp Web
    1. Install WhatsApp on PC
    2. Install WhatsApp on Mac
    3. WhatsApp with your other messengers on the same application: Unipile

What is WhatsApp Web?

The first question that comes to mind is what is the difference between the mobile version and the PC version? First of all, whether it’s the mobile or PC version, WhatsApp is still a messaging application. In fact, it is one of the most used instant messaging applications worldwide. 

Initially, the application could only be used on mobile, but Whatsapp developed new features to be compatible with browsers on your PC. The application was named WhatsApp Web and is accessible from any browser connected to the Internet.

Originally, the functionality of WhatsApp Web was much more limited than the smartphone version. WhatsApp has evolved over the last few years and has seen many changes. Currently, the web version has almost all the features available on mobile. For example, when WhatsApp Web was launched, a user could not send or receive documents as attachments.

With the appearance of the platform for the Web (PC and Mac), it has become possible to use the application on several devices with ease. This is clearly an advantage for all those who work on computers on a daily basis. The PC version of WhatsApp is much more comfortable to use for writing messages with a keyboard, reading messages on a large screen, viewing history more easily, etc.

The other advantage of WhatsApp Web (WW) is that it can also be used on a cell phone. Just open a browser at https://web.whatsapp.com/ on another phone, different from the one containing your application and your SIM card. You may have to force the page to be displayed in “Computer” view to have access to the QR Code to scan.

The mobile app may remain more convenient for some users, yet the differences in functionality are fairly minimal. WhatsApp Web allows you to do just about everything the mobile version can accomplish. It is possible to use your webcam to make video calls. You can also record audio messages with your computer’s microphone. The web version is just as effective and on par with the mobile version. The other unavailable features are often bypassed and not essential.

WhatsApp Web - chats

How do I connect to WhatsApp Web?

Be sure that WhatsApp Web is as easy to set up as it is to use.

How do I use WhatsApp on my computer?

There are two choices for how to use WhatsApp on a computer.

The first option is to use your usual web browser. The advantage of WhatsApp Web on computer is that it is compatible with all browsers, whether Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. The second option is to download the application to your device. In this case, you have to choose the compatible version for PC or Mac. 

Use a browser

The browser may be faster and easier to use to access a WhatsApp account. To get started, go to the : https://web.whatsapp.com. Then open WhatsApp on your cell phone. Select Menu (3 horizontal dots) and then Connected Devices. Then click on Connect a device. You will then scan the QR code that is displayed on your web browser to validate the connection to your WhatsApp account.

Download WhatsApp Desktop application

Instead of using your browser, you can directly use a dedicated application for computers. The WhatsApp Web for PC application is compatible for PCs running Windows 8 and above. For a Mac, it is available from Mac OS X 10.10 and above. After downloading, just run the application. You can follow the same process as for the browser version. You will have to scan the QR code displayed on your computer from the application on your phone (Menu, Connected devices, Connect a device). The computer application will allow you to make video calls for example, while WhatsApp Web does not. You can find more information about this alternative further down in the article. Vous devrez scanner le code QR affiché sur votre ordinateur depuis l’application de votre téléphone (Menu, Appareils connectés, Connecter un appareil). L’application pour ordinateur va vous permettre de passer des appels vidéos par exemple alors que WhatsApp Web ne le permet pas. Retrouvez toutes les informations sur cette alternative plus bas dans l’article.

How to scan the WhatsApp QR code?

From your mobile application you need to click on Menu (the 3 horizontal dots), then choose Connected Devices and finally select Connect Device. All you have to do is scan the code displayed on your web browser or your application on PC or Mac to activate the connection of your WhatsApp account.

Understand how a QR code works

The QR code or quick response code has the same principle as a barcode, but in a more improved version. It allows to access information in a faster way, hence its name in French “code à réponse rapide”.
With the QR code, you can easily access content and information stored online.
The QR code is easy to recognize thanks to its format. One of the distinctive elements is its square shape and the 3 small squares located at the corners of the design.

WhatsApp QR Code

What are the features of WhatsApp Web?

First of all, you will find all the discussions of your mobile application on your computer. Therefore, you will be able to do almost the same actions as from WhatsApp Mobile. The applications are synchronized with each other, so you can start a new chat on your mobile and continue it on the PC through a browser or the dedicated application. However, video calls are not possible from the browser, this option is possible from the application to download on PC or Mac.

With WhatsApp Web, you can also :

  • Access all conversations, consult the archive of your conversations;
  • Send messages, images, gifs, audio recordings, ;
  • Reply, forward or delete a message
  • Update your profile information;
  • Generate a newsgroup from your mobile contacts;
  • Access your account and application settings.

Content sharing

WhatsApp Web allows you to share content such as images, videos, audio files or documents. To share, go to a conversation, click on the paper clip icon and select the items you want to share with the contact(s) in the conversation.

Activate your WhatsApp notifications

You can enable or disable WhatsApp notifications on your PC or Mac. You can enable notifications from the application settings on your computer.

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Alternatives to WhatsApp Web

The goal of this article is to meet your needs and expectations. WhatsApp Web is very convenient, but you may prefer to install a more complete WhatsApp application or synchronize your WhatsApp messages with your other messages for example. Here we’ll look at the alternative solutions available to you.

Install WhatsApp on PC

You can download WhatsApp directly to your computer. This way you don’t have to use your browser anymore.

Download the WhatsApp Desktop application

First you need to download the WhatsApp application for your computer. You can start the download directly from the WhatsApp. You can also download the application from Microsoft Store.

The actual installation is easy, just open the .exe file you just downloaded. Then, you will be guided through each step of configuration. At the end of the installation, you will have to connect your account by scanning the QR code displayed from your mobile application. 

However, there are a few requirements for the application to work properly. Your operating system version must be at least Windows 8.1. If your operating system is earlier than this version, then your only option is to go through a browser and use WhatsApp Web.

Why install a WhatsApp web application on your PC?

By installing the WhatsApp for PC application, you have direct access to your files on your computer like WhatsApp Web but you will have access to video calls. You have almost a clone of your mobile application with unlimited access to all the features of WhatsApp.

Install WhatsApp on Mac

Just like the PC version, you must first download the application either from the official website of WhatsApp or Mac App Store.

Download and installation steps

The steps to follow are easy:

  • Open the WhatsApp download page;
  • click on the “Download for Mac OS X” icon;
  • Go to your browser’s download history;
  • Open the installer in the format WhatsApp.dmg ;
  • Move the WhatsApp application back to the “Applications” folder;
  • Continue to the “Applications” folder,
  • Double click on the “WhatsApp” application, the one you just downloaded;

Please note that activating WhatsApp on your Mac also requires scanning the QR code from your smartphone. 

To launch the application for the first time, just click the “Open” button. This action will validate the opening of WhatsApp on your Mac. Once the synchronization is done, you can continue your chats on your Mac. You can also delete or archive messages. It is possible to change the status as well as your profile picture. You can also receive notifications. They will appear on the top right of your desktop. Finally, WhatsApp on Mac allows you to make online calls. 

Why install WhatsApp on a Mac?

Installing WhatsApp on a Mac will allow you to use WhatsApp in a more ergonomic way. It is much easier and faster to type your messages from a computer keyboard than from your phone. You can view your conversations on a much larger screen. This is even more true and convenient when you use WhatsApp in your daily work life. You can access all your files on your Mac and this makes it even easier to send attachments like images, text files etc.

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