Are you looking for a new Mac mail client? Do you want an application that will help you manage your messages? Do you want to handle your exchanges in a different way? There are many mac email software offers on the market. It is difficult to find the application that suits you for a maximum exploitation of its capacity. Here is an article that compares the features and performance of mail client. You will find the five best mac mail applications, with their advantages and disadvantages.   

1# Unipile, a new solution for mac messaging application

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Unipile is a great Mac email client. It offers innovative options that facilitate the user’s experience. The daily management of emails is no longer a difficult task thanks to the “Work” mode. This is a feature that allows you to sequence the actions to be done. With this feature, no more forgetting. 

On Unipile, you can manage your mails to empty your inbox. After replying to a message, it will be directly archived. You can also archive an email yourself after reading it. If you don’t have time to answer an email right away, you can move it to your calendar. You will receive a notification at the specified time. Find out the options offered by the best mac mail software:

– a single interface to reply to all types of mail

– receiving notification for unanswered messages

– a communication statistic to evaluate your email management

2# Use the Apple Mail application

apple mail app

Apple Mail is the default email program installed on a Mac or iPhone. This mac mail client allows you to stay active on the Apple system. In other words, you have the possibility to use the same application on your iPhone or iPad. On Apple Mail, you can synchronize all the information you have. 

The mac mail program is perfectly adapted to macOS. It is possible to click on an email address and start creating an email in the split screen window. The application sends a notification at the right time on the panel. The information is also synchronized via iCloud.

Many options come with the Mac email software, including Handoff. This one allows you to start working on a mail on your iPhone and finish it later on the Mac. This feature makes Apple Mail one of the best mac mail programs. It is exclusively on this application. However, it doesn’t offer much customization or experimentation.

3# Get maximum personalization options with Airmail

Airmail app mac

Airmail is also an excellent reference in the mac mail client sector. Its well thought-out design respects the aesthetics of macOS Sierra. The mac email software is highly customizable. The application is actually ahead of other providers, if we refer to this element. No matter what your requirements are, Airmail will easily adapt to them. It is possible to show or hide the sidebars or parts of them. You can change the menu bar shortcuts, folders and repeats. A wide range of themes is offered to allow you to change the appearance of the Mac mail client. 

The mac email app associates with several third-party applications. It is possible to link it with other services like Wunderlist, Droplr, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more. If you want to automatically upload your attachments to the cloud, link the software with Droplr. To quickly save messages to a to-do list, link it with Wunderlist. More than a classic email client, its features turn it into a productivity machine. Swipe to archive a message. This feature allows you to act quickly and efficiently. Airmail’s “Search” option is robust and powerful.

To compose mails, Airmail has two interesting features: reminders and send later. You can write a message and abandon the writing, the application will send you an alert if you are afraid to forget. You can write a mail and schedule it to be sent.

4# Postbox, the best macOS mail application for multiple accounts

Postbox app mac

Postbox occupies an important place in the mac email software sector. It is probably the application that offers the most features. The platform is ideal for those who manage multiple email accounts. Postbox offers a clearer user interface. It can be linked with Logical Logic for more simplicity and power. 

Mac mail application promises you a unique experience to manage your multiple accounts and corresponding folders from the sidebar. Enjoy a modern user interface to easily view an email. You can perform many actions without much mobility.

The Universal Search option allows you to easily find emails and attachments in record time. Focus from Postbox guides you through the navigation. The mac email client offers nerdy features including predefined responses and HTML editing. Here are the benefits of using Postbox:

– the user interface is easy to understand

– there is an integrated account management option

5# Thunderbird, the free mac 100% email client

Thunderbird mac app

Thunderbird application was edited by Mozilla Firefox. Among the best mac email applications, it is the most popular and widely used. The options offered by the open source email client are fully offered and customizable. Various extensions are possible. These are available from the platform or downloadable from the website. Themes, new languages, calendar booster, folder sorter, account security…a wide range of functions is offered. Adding email accounts is very easy. The software provides you with a complete library of account settings from email providers. Your account will be automatically adjusted to the settings of other accounts. The application supports the majority of providers, including Google Gmail, Microsoft, Zoho, OVH and Yahoo. You can navigate between messages, your calendar, your contacts from a tab. 

Thunderbird’s “Search” option has an incomparable power thanks to an efficient indexing engine. Nevertheless, it lacks ergonomics and relevance. The readability of search results is poor. It does not allow to easily identify the sorted or filtered information. Finding relevant information from the “Search” function can become a difficult task and a waste of time. Moreover, the mac email software is only compatible with PC, Mac and Linux. The mobile version is not yet available. Thunderbird is very easy to use. Opt for this mac mail client if you use Linux. It has not been exploited by other mac mail software providers.

Unipile, the ideal software to replace Apple’s Mail

Unipile software is the best mac application of all time. It is an application for managing e-mails and messaging in the broadest sense. It provides a real breath of fresh air to manage your messaging. By opting for this application, you will benefit from innovative features. These are perfectly adapted to your daily management. With Unipile, you can send and receive all types of messages, including Mails, SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Teams and many more. You can do all this on one app, from one inbox. This favorite also has many other options. It is possible to organize the replies to be made, make your to-do list and schedule your appointments from the mac email software. The mac mail client is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Disadvantage: Unipile is only available in French and English. You can use it for free on the Personal offer, count 5€ HT for the Boost offer and 10€ HT for the Team offer. Why choose Unipile, your Mac mail client? Here are four undeniable advantages of the best Mac mail application.

Centralize your exchanges on a single app

Gmail, Microsoft, IMAP providers… group all your email accounts on a single platform. Integrate all your mobile messaging software, including SMS and call notifications. WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and many more… you can centralize your messages in one inbox. Downloading Unipile will save you from juggling several programs and will allow you to better manage your exchanges. Switching between different tabs or programs is a thing of the past with the best Mac mail application.

Be better organized with Unipile, the best mac mail software

Unipile is one of the best mac mail client available on the market. The many features of the best mac mail application allow you to organize your calendars (Google calendar, Microsoft, iCal). Just connect and synchronize your events. It is possible to move a received mail to your calendar if you want to pay attention to it later in the day. You can create tasks or actions to do at any time. Bonus: if the actions planned in your agenda are not carried out, you will receive an alert in your inbox. Download Unipile to never forget anything.

Stay on top of your daily tasks

With Unipile, you won’t need a secretary anymore. Activate the “Work” mode to make all your planned tasks follow each other. Do you have to answer an email? Do you need to call someone back? What are the tasks in your to-do list? The best mac mail program will remind you of all the important points. In addition, Unipile can send you a notification if you are waiting for a message and it has not arrived within a chosen time frame. Comment on a message, assign a mail, the mac mail client offers you a complete and quality experience.

Work with peace of mind by applying the “Inbox Zero” method

Don’t you feel like when your inbox is full, you feel cluttered or overloaded? The “Inbox Zero” method brings order to your mailbox. Unipile offers an option that allows you to organize your messages. The principle is to have no more messages in your box. You have to archive the read messages. The application takes care of moving the answered messages to the archive box. If you want to reply to an email at a specific time, you can move it to your agenda and reply later. Only the items waiting to be answered or processed will remain. Not having any more emails in your inbox will allow you to be more serene.

Why choose Unipile, the best-selling mac email software?

The best mac mail application is a real technological revolution. The innovative features it has make the software a must-have device. You should know that SMS messages are now integrated into the inbox on Unipile. Here are the new options available in Unipile:

– Answer all types of messages (Mails, SMS, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Teams, Gmail, Microsoft, SMS, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger…) without juggling several applications thanks to Unipile

– Synchronize the data available within your applications, in your computer, in your phone, in your tablet and all other devices 

– Benefit from free and efficient assistance with the “Echo” function which reminds you of unanswered messages from a notification given within a time limit determined by you

– Make searches more convenient by having all messages exchanged, regardless of the software, and benefit from a larger search area with the “unified search” option. You will find the history of your exchanges with your contacts

– Have at your disposal a dashboard allowing you to identify the tasks that keep you busy by viewing the communication statistics established from the number of messages received or sent

– Collaborate more easily by responding instantly to messages without opening the interface. Discuss in your group and with your team without having to forward messages. Comment on a message, organize an event, schedule tasks for multiple people from your inbox

They choose to use Unipile everyday

Avis clients Unipile
Transfom a message in task

Pierre P. 
La Vie Claire Owner

"I grouped my 3 email accounts and my WhatsApp in 1 single inbox. I no longer miss important messages!"

Transfom a message in task

Rachid B.
Sinclair Pharma Director

"Unipile reminds me when I don't reply to messages I planned in my calendar, I love this feature!"

Transfom a message in task

Léon L. 
Lemon Learning Marketing

"I organize myself from my inbox! I have all my messages, tasks, and calendars in one app."