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With our Email API, you can seamlessly connect with any email provider and offer your users the flexibility of unlimited accounts per user.

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Email API Integration: Transforming Cross-Platform Business Communication

Incorporating Gmail API, Outlook API, and IMAP API into your application simplifies email communication. These APIs enable seamless integration with popular email platforms, enhancing the functionality of your app. Whether it’s accessing messages, managing calendars, or sending emails, these APIs offer robust solutions for optimizing email-related features and consolidating contacts to provide a client-centric view.

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Get Gmail API Key for Contact Sync in Your CRM

The Gmail API stands as a pivotal player in the world of email integration, catering to an extensive user base. With a staggering 1.5 billion users worldwide, Gmail commands a remarkable 27% share of the global email market. This colossal user base makes the Gmail API an indispensable tool for businesses and developers seeking to tap into a vast audience for email-related services and solutions. By harnessing the capabilities of the Gmail API, businesses can unlock opportunities to engage with a substantial portion of the global email user community, thus enhancing their reach and influence in the digital landscape

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Streamlined Data Integration

This integration allows for the effortless retrieval and synchronization of contact data from Gmail’s professional accounts directly into the CRM, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring that contact information remains current.

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Resource Optimization

By utilizing the Gmail API Key, developers can save valuable development time and resources, allowing them to allocate efforts to other critical aspects of their software.

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Enhanced User Experience

End-users benefit from a user-friendly, one-click Gmail integration, enabling them to easily manage and access their Gmail contacts within the CRM software.

Microsoft Graph API: Transforming Email Management

Outlook, Microsoft’s flagship email platform, holds a substantial presence in the email ecosystem, with a user base of over 400 million users worldwide. This impressive user count secures Outlook’s place as a key player, capturing approximately 26% of the global email market. With its robust suite of email and productivity tools, Outlook remains a preferred choice for individuals and businesses alike. Harnessing the power of the Outlook API can offer businesses and developers a valuable gateway to connect with a significant portion of the worldwide email user community, fostering enhanced communication and productivity in the digital age.

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Empower Robust Email Features

Establish bi-directional sync and enjoy full Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) capabilities on a reliable and highly scalable platform. Deliver powerful email functionalities that elevate your product.

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Accelerate to Market

Gain a significant competitive advantage by launching email features and integrations months, if not years, ahead of the competition. Speed up your time-to-market and capture opportunities sooner.

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Data Accuracy

Leveraging the Gmail API’s real-time data updates guarantees data accuracy, reducing the risk of outdated or duplicated contact information within the CRM.

IMAP API: Your Email Superpower

Connecting an IMAP API offers unparalleled benefits for email management. It provides real-time access to email data, enabling seamless integration with various applications. With secure authentication, it simplifies email handling, boosts productivity, and enhances user experiences. IMAP API transforms email management into a dynamic, efficient, and streamlined process.

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Email API: Your Key to Success, Regardless of Your Industry

With our Email API integration solution, you can streamline your email communication, bringing messages from various platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, and more, directly into your CRM inbox. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between multiple applications. Now, everything is consolidated in one place, enabling efficient management and providing a comprehensive view of your interactions with customers, leads, and partners. Simplify your workflow and enhance productivity.

Boosting Productivity with Gmail and Outlook API Integration

Effortless Sales Management: Envision sales professionals effortlessly syncing their Emails with their CRM, ensuring no leads or conversations are ever overlooked. With our integration, sales teams can seamlessly handle leads and opportunities.

Simplified Recruitment: Enhance your recruitment process by integrating Outlook into your hiring workflow. Easily connect with candidates, schedule interviews, and manage conversations, all from a single platform.

Exceptional Customer Support: Deliver top-tier customer support through our API integration. Helpdesk teams gain access to email history, customer details, and more, resulting in faster issue resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

Accelerate, Streamline, and Simplify with Unipile APIs

Discover effortless integration with Unipile’s developer-friendly APIs, accessible even for non-coders. Accelerate your product development and relish a hassle-free solution for your communication requirements.

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Speed up your roadmap

Boost essential features with Unipile’s APIs. Our user-friendly, easily integrated APIs let you focus on enhancing your product. Unipile streamlines application integration, accelerating your roadmap and outpacing competitors.

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Maintenance-Free Solution

Relax and reduce maintenance stress with Unipile. Our APIs deliver a reliable and robust solution, offering maintenance-free operation, reducing the need for frequent updates. Our proactive maintenance keeps your integration secure and up-to-date, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your customers.

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Fast and secure integration

Utilize Unipile’s SDKs for seamless integration. Available in popular languages like Node.js and PHP, they accelerate your development process. Swiftly integrate our APIs and focus on crafting exceptional user experiences.

How to Integrate with Our SDKs

Learn how to seamlessly integrate our Messaging, Emailing, and Calendar APIs into your applications using our Software Development Kit (SDK). Our SDK provides the essential tools and resources for a hassle-free integration experience, saving you time and effort. Unlock the full potential of our APIs and enhance your communication and scheduling capabilities today.

Exploring Messaging and Calendar APIs

In addition to Email APIs, we offer powerful Messaging and Calendar APIs.

Messaging API

This API enables seamless integration with popular messaging platforms like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Slack, and Instagram. It allows you to automate messaging, send personalized messages, and efficiently manage your conversations. With features such as scheduled messages, message tracking, and contact management, you can streamline your messaging workflows and enhance your communication strategies..

Calendar API

Our Calendar API simplifies calendar management and scheduling tasks. You can integrate it into your applications to create, update, and manage events, set reminders, and synchronize your calendar data across platforms, including Google Calendar and Outlook 365. Whether you need to schedule appointments, organize events, or automate calendar tasks, our Calendar API has you covered.

All our APIs are designed for conventional usage, and we have implemented limitations to prevent spam, bot activity, or mass messaging.
We prioritize a secure and respectful user experience.

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LinkedIn integration boosts client retention by over 35% on average

Pierre P.

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“Integrating LinkedIn’s API into Unipile was pivotal, greatly enhancing network efficiency and data synchronization, delivering added value to clients.”

Rachid B.

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Product Manager
CRM Publisher

“Adopting Unipile’s WhatsApp API has streamlined our client communication, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.”

Leon L.

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CPO – Outreach Solution

“Unipile’s support team consistently provides exceptional service, offering prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly assistance that enhances our overall experience.”


What is the Email API, and what can it do for my app?

The Email API allows you to sync, send, and receive emails in your app. It offers seamless integration with popular email providers like Gmail and Outlook, enabling you to enhance your app’s email-related features and consolidate user contacts.

How does the Gmail API benefit my CRM system?

The Gmail API provides access to a massive user base of 1.5 billion worldwide users. By integrating it into your CRM, you can sync contacts effortlessly, eliminate manual data entry, and expand your reach to a significant portion of the global email user community.

What advantages does the Email API offer for data integration?

The Email API streamlines data integration by enabling the retrieval and synchronization of contact data from Gmail and Outlook directly into your CRM, saving valuable development time and resources.

What is the benefit of Unipile's Email API?

Unipile’s Email API allows you to connect and unify all your email-related operations. It seamlessly integrates with services like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, simplifying communication, offering in-depth data insights, and enhancing user engagement.

How can the Outlook API transform email management?

The Outlook API, with its 400 million user base, offers robust email and productivity tools. It allows businesses to establish bi-directional sync and enjoy full CRUD capabilities, providing powerful email functionalities that enhance productivity.

What is the primary advantage of using the IMAP API?

The IMAP API provides real-time access to email data, simplifying email handling, boosting productivity, and enhancing user experiences by seamlessly integrating email with various applications.

Can Unipile's APIs improve customer satisfaction?

Absolutely, by providing a 360-degree view of interactions and ensuring no message goes unnoticed, Unipile’s APIs can significantly increase your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

How can Email API integration benefit different industries?

Email API integration streamlines email communication across platforms like Gmail and Outlook, offering a consolidated view of interactions with customers, leads, and partners. This simplifies workflows and enhances productivity, benefiting various industries.

Why should I consider using Unipile's developer-friendly APIs?

Unipile’s APIs are user-friendly and easily integrated, even for non-coders. They accelerate product development, provide a hassle-free solution for communication requirements, and reduce maintenance stress with proactive maintenance.

Feel free to contact us for more detailed API documentation and integration instructions.


How can I contact the team for an integration ?

Tell us about your project here.We look forward to discussing how Unipile can support your communication needs! Feel free to access our API documentation here.

What does the free Email API offer?

The free Email API, known as the “Sandbox” plan, provides basic email synchronization, sending, and receiving functionality. It allows for a maximum of 10 accounts across email, messaging, and calendar integration. For unlimited account access, you can upgrade to the “Enterprise” plan.

How can I prevent excessive use of the Email API to avoid account suspension and ensure compliance with provider terms?

To prevent overuse of the Email API and maintain compliance, consider implementing usage limitations on your end to control the volume of messages sent by your users. This proactive approach helps avoid potential account issues and keeps your engagement with the professional network in check.