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Integrate LinkedIn & WhatsApp Messaging in Your CRM via API

By integrating LinkedIn and WhatsApp messaging into your CRM via our API, sales teams gain a significant advantage in client engagement. This seamless connection allows for more personalized and prompt communication, directly impacting customer relationship management.

Innovative CRM Enhancement Through Email and Messaging API


LinkedIn API Integration for CRM
Directly send invitation requests and messages from your CRM software, broadening client outreach and networking opportunities for more effective sales and relationship building.


WhatsApp Integration for CRM
Enable effortless, real-time messaging with clients on WhatsApp through your CRM. This direct line of communication boosts engagement and responsiveness, crucial for fostering strong professional relationships.


Email Integration for CRM
Enable seamless, instant email communication with clients through your CRM. This direct mode of interaction enhances engagement and promptness, essential for nurturing robust professional connections.

Automatically Archive Messages from All Channels in Your CRM

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Our API ensures every message sent or received is automatically captured in your CRM’s contact record, providing a comprehensive history of client interactions for meticulous tracking and follow-up.

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Receive immediate CRM alerts for new LinkedIn or WhatsApp messages, ensuring timely follow-ups and enhanced customer interactions.

Elevate CRM with Multi-Channel Messaging Capabilities

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Boost Client Engagement
Integrate custom message templates in your CRM to enhance the communication strategies of your clients. This addition aids in maintaining consistent, impactful interactions with their customers, driving the success of sales and support efforts.

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Tailored CRM Messaging
Offer unique and personalized messaging within your CRM to elevate client communication. Customized messaging enriches user interactions and engagement, giving your CRM a competitive edge.

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Send LinkedIn Inmail from Your CRM Software

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Enhance your CRM platform’s functionality with our API that allows for the direct sending of LinkedIn InMail. This feature empowers efficient prospecting and networking, enabling sales teams to engage with potential leads without navigating away from the CRM environment. Integrate a value-add for your clients by displaying the InMail credit balance within your interface, providing a seamless experience and vital data for managing their outreach strategies.

CRM Integration: Identify Numbers and Send WhatsApp Messages

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Effortlessly verify if a phone number is linked to WhatsApp and initiate direct conversations through your CRM with our API integration. Simplify your communication strategy and nurture valuable client connections.


Information available for retrieval includes:
– Chat content
– Attachments (files, images, audio, videos, etc.)
– Reactions (emoji)

Collaborative Message Sharing

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Facilitate collaborative work by enabling the sharing of received messages among teams.


Ensure continuity by allowing team members to respond on behalf sales representatives when they are unavailable.

Integrating Messaging into CRM Workflows


Improve Engagement Metrics
Elevate customer responsiveness by incorporating targeted messaging into your CRM automation sequences. This approach connects with clients on their preferred channels, delivering timely and personalized communication that enhances engagement.

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Expand Networks via Messaging
Take your client outreach to the next level by integrating advanced messaging strategies into your CRM sales automation workflows. This proactive approach widens the reach of your CRM solution and accelerates client interactions, ensuring faster responses and increased engagement for your clients.

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Integrating messaging functions into CRM automation workflows enhances customer engagement by connecting with clients on widely-used platforms such as email and social media, meeting them where they are most active and receptive.

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LinkedIn Data Integration: Empower Your CRM with Valuable Insights


Cross-Channel Engagement Analysis
We provide you with the data from LinkedIn and WhatsApp, which you can analyze to discern which platform fosters better prospect interactions, equipping you to align your communication strategies effectively.


Communication Optimization:
Analyze message open rates, response times, and engagement metrics across LinkedIn and WhatsApp to optimize communication timing and content.

How to Get Started with the Unipile API ?

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Have a look on the documentation

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Create a free account to test


What are the specific technical requirements for integrating Unipile’s API with existing CRM systems?

Unipile’s API integration typically requires basic web development skills, including familiarity with REST APIs and JSON formats. Specific CRM compatibility should be checked in Unipile’s documentation.

What is the pricing structure for using Unipile’s API services?

Unipile offers a trial, with detailed pricing available upon contacting them. Pricing may vary based on usage volume and specific features required.

What kind of support and maintenance services does Unipile offer for clients who integrate these APIs into their CRMs?

Unipile likely provides customer support and maintenance for its API services, but the extent and availability should be directly confirmed with them. Contact us if you need more informations.

What unique features does Unipile offer that differentiate it from other messaging integration tools in the CRM space?

Unipile distinguishes itself in the CRM space by offering an extensive range of features, particularly through its LinkedIn API integration, which includes more than 50 functionalities. This comprehensive feature set ensures that all aspects of messaging and email are covered, providing a robust tool for CRM publishers to enhance their customer engagement strategies. For a detailed list of all messaging and email features available, you can explore the documentation at Unipile’s Developer Docs.