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ATS Integration API: Advancing Messaging in Recruitment Software

Empower your ATS software with Unipile’s ATS Integration API, seamlessly integrating platforms like LinkedIn and WhatsApp. This enables your users to effortlessly reach a wider pool of candidates, significantly enhancing recruitment capabilities and streamlining the talent acquisition process.

Applicant Tracking System API: Streamlining Candidate Engagement via LinkedIn & WhatsApp


LinkedIn Integration for ATS
Directly send invitation requests and messages from your software, expanding candidate outreach and networking potential for more effective recruitment.


ATS WhatsApp Integration: Direct Candidate Messaging
Enable seamless, instant messaging with candidates on WhatsApp through your ATS. This direct communication enhances engagement and responsiveness, key for nurturing professional connections.


Email via IMAP/GMAIL:
Enhance swift and direct email communication with clients using your ATS. This streamlined channel boosts interaction and response times, key for building solid professional relationships.

Organize Your ATS Messaging: Auto-Sync New Messages in Contact Records

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Each time a user sends or receives a new message, our API automatically records it in the contact record, ensuring complete traceability of interactions.

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Notify the user through notifications of new received messages (respond more quickly and never miss important messages).

ATS Messaging Management: Multi-Channel Template Upgrades for Your Software

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Keep Candidates Engaged
Implementing custom message templates in your ATS software enhances the engagement strategies of your users. This feature allows them to maintain consistent and effective communication with candidates, significantly improving the efficiency of their recruitment processes.

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Unique, Personalized Messages
Unique and personalized messaging enhances candidate interactions, creating a memorable and tailored experience. This approach significantly improves response rates and engagement, setting your software apart in the competitive ATS landscape.

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Send LinkedIn Inmail from Your ATS Software

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With API Integration for ATS, enable users to send InMail messages via LinkedIn effortlessly, directly enhancing candidate outreach. This feature simplifies the process of connecting with top talent, providing seamless LinkedIn integration within your ATS software. Additionally, the system offers a clear display of InMail credit balance, enabling the user to see their remaining credits directly on the dashboard. This functionality ensures users can monitor and manage their InMail credits effectively, optimizing their recruitment strategy.

Send WhatsApp Message from Your ATS

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Our API enables you to check if a phone number is registered with WhatsApp and, if so, allows for smooth initiation of conversations directly from your ATS. This functionality is specifically designed for WhatsApp integration.


Information available for retrieval includes:
– Chat content
– Attachments (files, images, audio, videos, etc.)
– Reactions (emoji)

Collaborative Message Sharing

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Facilitate collaborative work by enabling the sharing of received messages among teams.


Ensure continuity by allowing team members to respond on behalf of recruiters or when they are unavailable.

Recruitment Automation: Integrating Messaging into Your ATS Workflows


Increase Engagement Rate:
Boost candidate responsiveness by integrating targeted messaging within your ATS automation sequences. This strategy meets candidates on their preferred platforms, providing timely and personalized communication that drives engagement.

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Network Growth Through Messaging:
Advance candidate outreach by weaving sophisticated messaging tactics into your ATS automation workflows. This proactive approach widens your talent pool and accelerates the interaction process, ensuring quicker candidate responses.

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Tailoring automation workflows to include messaging functions allows ATS users to elevate engagement levels by connecting with candidates on popular platforms like WhatsApp and LinkedIn, where they are most responsive.

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LinkedIn Data Integration: Your ATS Collets the Insights


Boost Candidate Response Rates
Focus on data collection and monitoring to enhance candidate engagement for your users. With LinkedIn Data now integrated into your ATS software, the analysis and action are in your hands. We supply the raw data; the development of insights and strategies is up to you.


Multichannel Recruitment Strategy:
Evaluate which platform – LinkedIn or WhatsApp – facilitates a quicker hiring process or higher candidate engagement, and adjust your recruitment tactics accordingly.

How to Get Started with the Unipile API ?

Step 1

Have a look on the documentation

Step 2

Create a free account to test


What are the specific technical requirements for integrating the ATS Integration API with existing recruitment software?

Specifics on software compatibility, API versions, and system prerequisites would be detailed in Unipile’s integration documentation.

Are there advanced LinkedIn features for ATS through the API?

This includes all the features specific to platforms such as LinkedIn. For detailed information, please visit all LinkedIn features here.

Does the API support real-time communication and updates between recruiters and candidates?

Regarding the synchronization between the user and their ATS software through Unipile’s API, the process is designed to be instant. This means that any updates or communications are immediately reflected in both the user’s ATS interface and the relevant communication platforms, ensuring a seamless flow of information and interaction between recruiters and candidates.

Is there a trial period or demo available for ATS software publishers to test the ATS Integration API before committing to a subscription or purchase?

For information on whether there’s a trial period or demo available for ATS software publishers to test the ATS Integration API before making a commitment, I recommend checking the pricing page on Unipile’s website. They may provide details on trial options, demos, or introductory offers for new users to evaluate the API’s capabilities and how it integrates with their systems. For specific details, please visit Unipile’s pricing page directly.