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Use Cases of Unipile’s Messaging API Solution for ATS and CRM Software Publishers

Welcome to the world of possibilities offered by Unipile’s Messaging API Solution, designed for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software publishers. This API allows you to connect and synchronize user messages for effective contact management. Here’s an overview of the functions necessary for this use case.

Retrieve the history of each contact (sent, received)

Display the list or timeline of messages on the contact record (regardless of the communication channel)

Use our API to retrieve the complete history of messages sent and received for each contact, regardless of the communication channel (LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.).

Display these messages as a list or timeline on the contact record, providing an overview of past interactions.

All New Messages Archived in Contact Record

Each time a user sends or receives a new message, our API automatically records it in the contact record, ensuring complete traceability of interactions.

Notify the user through notifications of new received messages (respond more quickly and never miss important messages).

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Send Messages from Contact Record

Add the ability to send messages (reply or new) from the contact record and add the “New” option from your existing message sending integration

Integrate our API to allow users to send messages directly from the contact record, whether in response to an existing message or by creating a new message.


Streamline sending new messages by adding the “New Message” option button from your existing message sending interface.

Create message templates for each channel

Customize and automate messages by creating templates tailored to each communication channel (LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.), simplifying communication with contacts.

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Data Analysis: Identify Keywords and More

With this feature, identify important elements such as keywords, scheduled meetings, contact details, specific dates, the number of interactions, and the efficiency of communication channels, among other factors.

Utilize messaging data to analyze and extract relevant information such as keywords, appointments, contact details, dates, the number of exchanges, and the effectiveness of different communication channels.

Collaborative Message Sharing

Facilitate collaborative work by enabling the sharing of received messages among teams.

Ensure continuity by allowing team members to respond on behalf of recruiters or sales representatives when they are unavailable.

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  Send an invitation – contact request, InMail

Incorporate LinkedIn-specific features, such as sending invitations and contact requests, as well as sending InMail directly from your CRM or ATS. Please note that this function is valid only for LinkedIn.

  WhatsApp Phone Number Check and Start Conversation

Use our API to check if a phone number is associated with WhatsApp. Initiate a conversation on WhatsApp with the contact if their number is compatible. Please note that this function is valid only for WhatsApp.

Information retrieved:

  • Chat content
  • Attachments (files, images, audio, videos, etc.)
  • Reactions (emoji)


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